Heartland Plastic Surgery Now Offering the Newest Line of Breast Implants in Des Moines, Iowa

Urbandale, IA Heartland Plastic Surgery has announced plans to offer the newest line of breast implants in Des Moines, Iowa. The plastic surgery options performed  here are under the supervision of Dr. Eugene Cherny, who is widely recognized as one of the leading plastic surgeons in Des Moines. The decision to offer the newest line of breast implants means that the clinic is not only going to be offering their patients a new option for breast implants, but also that they are keeping up with the latest trends in plastic surgery.

Dr. Eugene J. Cherny says, “It is common for patients to struggle to choose the type of implants they want. The market is currently flooded with a variety of implant options, including Saline breast implants, Silicone breast implants, Gummy Bear breast implants and round breast implants. We have decided to offer the newest line as a way of providing our clients with more variety, so that they can be sure of finding an option that works best for them at our clinic.”

The breast augmentations industry has been experiencing significant changes in recent years. The demand for the highly visible but over-sized breast implants that boast of unnatural shapes is now on the decline. More patients are expressing a desire for smaller implants that are the closest thing to natural breasts. This partly explains why Heartland Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, P.C. decided to introduce the newest types of implants.

The industry is moving away from the belief that bigger breasts are better. This is because of the intense focus on fitness and keeping the right body shape. Women who go for the implants want their augmented breasts to complement the rest of their body. Many of the clinic’s clients who come in for breast augmentation are seeking reconstructive surgery after a mastectomy or a slight correction to their breasts following pregnancy, rather than an increased bust size. Due to these factors, the plastic surgeon opted to offer Des Moines residents a number of options in order to give them their best results.

Breast augmentation or implants remain among the most requested surgical procedures among female patients who are between 19-34 years. Hundreds of thousands of women all over the US consult their plastic surgeons to see whether they are eligible for the implants or not. Heartland Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, P.C. has opted to meet this demand with the most up to date techniques and surgical advancements in order to ensure that each patient receives the final results that they are looking for in their plastic surgery.

Prospective clients may visit Heartland Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, P.C. to make an appointment with the leading plastic surgeon in the area to determine whether plastic surgery is right for them. Dr. Eugene J. Cherny and his experienced team help all clients to decide on the right breast augmentations and other plastic surgery options that are best for their particular case.

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