Vermont Illustrator Creates Brand New Immersive Story Kits as Part of Her “What Dreams May Come” Collection


BRANDON, VT – October 13th, 2016 – Carey Bunker, illustrator of the Addie & George story art series, is releasing three brand new immersive story kits – a unique experience kids are sure to love.

Combining her love of storytelling with children’s love of dressing up, Bunker has created three new kits that will take children on flights of fancy in a fantasy story they can live in. Each kit features fully written stories, and coordinating beautiful handmade products that are part of or move the story in a certain way. In “The Lonely King” children learn that the Summer Fairy Queen has been taken by the king of Winter. Using masks, “magic” dust, a play dough related activity, they’ll make their way through the story until coming to rescue the Queen. Each kit contains its own plot twists and adventures.

“My children have always loved to dress up, so these kits provide fun narratives through which they can explore new worlds in their imaginations,” Bunker said of her newest creations. “With ‘The Lonely King’, they learn that not all is what it seems, and forgiveness is important. In ‘The Sprite Blight’ kids discover that the forest is sick, and it’s up to them to save it. ‘The Stolen Prince’ will take them through numerous magical landscapes before defeating an evil witch with a song. Each story and kit are different, nothing is repeated. They’ll also have some choices to make, which will influence their stories as well. The kits also encourage cooperative play, as younger children may need a Storyteller to help them read, and who doesn’t love adventure with a friend or parent?”

The new line will release to the public on October 18th in very limited quantities.

For more information about Addie & George, visit Addie & George or call 802-247-4724.


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