Award Winning Team Producing New Documentary About Rosaleen Norton

For more than six decades the name of Rosaleen Norton has been synonymous in Australian culture with scandal and the occult. As one of the most reviled women in 1950s Australian society, Rosaleen’s enduring reputation as an enemy of Christianity and middle class mores persists to this day. She was particularly despised for her supposed role in corrupting the celebrity conductor Sir Eugene Goossens.

A new documentary entitled The Witch of Kings Cross by writer/director Sonia Bible and producer Peter Butt, however, will paint a different, more honest picture of the artist and rebel. This film will rely on interviews with those who knew  Rosaleen Norton as well as surviving evidence from her personal and public life. From the interviews already conducted and preliminary research, it appears that Rosaleen Norton was merely a very misunderstood libertine who railed against the restrictions of 1950s society.

Sonia Bible is an award winning director whose illustrious career achievements include Recipe for Murder, a documentary that won the Silver Hugo Award in 2011 at the Chicago International Film Festival. Sonia also wrote and directed Muriel Matters, which was nominated for Best Documentary Award in 2014 by the South Australian Screen Academy. In her follow up, Sonia has been investigating the story of Rosaleen Norton for more than two years and is currently trying to interview her surviving acquaintances.

For more than three decades, Peter Butt has been a noted filmmaker with dozens of films and specials to his credit. His film, Who Killed Dr. Bogle & Mrs. Chandler? won the Logie Award and is still the most viewed documentary ever on ABC, Australia.

This prestigious production team is racing against the clock to complete The Witch of Kings Cross, but they have reached the limit with what they can do on their own. Up to now they have relied on government grants and the charity of supporters, but they have sponsored a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to provide the funds necessary to complete this important project. With the $7,500 they raise, Sonia and Peter will be able to travel and film interviews with Rosaleen Norton’s remaining associates and friends. In return for your generous donation, you may receive photos, videos, and tickets to the film’s opening. If you would like to learn more about The Witch of Kings Cross or if you would like to make a donation, please visit:

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