Japanese Gyms Gaining Popularity In Singapore

The team at Body Make Studio.
Body Make Studio shares its insights on the local health and fitness scene.

The health and fitness industry in Singapore is a booming one, especially with an increased number of high income professionals and executives joining the scene. 

This was also what enabled up and rising Body Make Studio to gain firm footing in the Singapore health and fitness niche. Only recently set foot in the sunny island, the Japanese originated gym with locations all over the world has launched a new and rather unique weight loss programme. Advertised to have been crafted with intensive research and experiments, the programme boasts a staggering 90% success rate as of date. The gym’s facilitators are so confident in the regime that a 100% money back guarantee is put in place for anyone who did not achieve the desired results.

Helming the unprecedented fitness and weight loss training programme is Master Trainer Mr. Nakazawa, certified trainer personal trainer of National Strength & Conditioning Association and who has previously worked with Japanese National Team of wheelchair curling.

“We define your goals and support you throughout the journey. Once a personalized strategy is mapped out, we will ensure execution through round the clock channels of communication and monitoring,” said Mr. Nakazawa of the new weight loss programme. 

Members of the gym are granted exclusive use of their training facilities, with heightened privacy and full attention of the allocated trainer. Unlike most gyms, there is no need to share equipment with other members. Each member is placed in an exclusive environment to focus solely on his or her training regime.

“The truth is that most of our customers get even more motivated after they start our program because they see results very quickly and they enjoy working with our trainers,” added Mr. Nakazawa.

A number of participants have also publicly shared their experiences with the gym.

“The reason why I didn’t give up before completion of the course is because I started to get consistent results from my training and diet,” said Ms. Tan Wen Shi, a 39-year old working professional.

“My weight dropped. My body size became smaller and even my medical check-up showed good progress. Before I trained with Bo’di:k, I’ve never had normal results in bone mineral density. I’m very lucky to have gotten a very professional trainer who motivated me throughout to achieve my goals. Many of my friends and colleagues too noticed the changes in my body size. The feeling is truly amazing and it actually motivates me to lead a healthier lifestyle.”

Another member, Ms. K.L, too has positive things to say about the gym.

“I joined the program with the goal of becoming healthier and of course, to slim down. After taking on the program, I started living a rather different lifestyle. There were times when things needed getting used to but the trainer was always there to advice and supper. He was very patient and knows various techniques in helping me keep to my regime.”

The gym is gradually gaining popularity in the Singapore fitness and weight loss scene.

They are currently offering a $300 October only promotion limited to the first 30 customers.

To find out more about the up and rising gym and its offers, visit http://sg.bodi-k.com/en/

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