The 3-in-1 iPowr device acts as charger, battery and power bank for iPhone

iPowr is the newly launched multi-purpose device on crowd funding platform IndieGoGo that can be used as a charger, power bank and battery for iPhone. The device developed by serial entrepreneur Fernando Campana and expert economist Ana Maria Ochoa brings the solution to the basic problems faced by the iPhone users, of draining thebattery and not finding a charger sometimes to charge their phone.

iPowr can be used as a charger to charge the iPhone and as a power bank while on the go which provides upto 4 hours of battery life to the iPhone. It can  also be used as an instant battery when the user runs out of the iPhone battery completely and urgently needs some power. By using the iPowr device, the users won’t have to deal separately with charging wires, power banks and no battery problems.

As a portable power bank, the iPowr device features a battery power of 2000 Mah that can provide 4 hours of power. To use it as an emergency battery, the user can directly connect the device to the iPhone and use it in urgent situations. The device is compact in size, lightweight and simple to carry. The user can carry this one product in their pocket and save the hassle of dealing with battery issues with their iPhone.

The iPowr is made of high-quality aluminumun body. This 3 in one device can be used for iPhone plus and iPhone versions 6, 6S and 7. The user can user this device as a regular charger and the when is not connected, it saves energy so that later on it can be used as a power bank. This charger also switches the power from the wall outlet to charge the iPhone normally, when the load exceeds.

The iPowr device is launched with a fundraising goal of $50,000 which will be utilized in fulfilling the perks and getting the product into mass production. By pledging for various perks the interested users can pre-order the device at an early bird price which will be lesser than the estimated market value of the product. The user can order the iPowr device in grey for $37 and the iPowr device in gold for $39.  The $67 perk offers the iPowr device in both grey and gold at discount of 11%.

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