New Marketing Technology Targets Customers Using GPS

We at Local Mobile Leads, Inc. ( are proud to introduce our newest marketing platform that actually targets customers using the same technology as GPS. 

One of the number one problems businesses have is getting more customers in the door. However, with the implementation of Hyper-local Mobile Advertising to potential customers of North America, that problem now has an answer! You don’t have to be a tech guy or tech gal to understand how it works. The process is simple. Through the use of GPS… You know the automated lady or man that provides audible driving directions with Google Maps, well, with Hyper-local Mobile Advertising we can send advertisements directly to your potential customer’s mobile phone, applicable to both android and ios. Stream line your target area of choice and let Hyper-local Mobile Advertising do the rest; narrowing down an exact location to 10 meters of your target. Now that’s what we call, “hitting a bull’s eye!”

Contact Local Mobile Leads and let us find your potential customers anywhere they work, play, buy, relax and vacation. We can get you in front of them at their Dr’s. clinic, lawyer’s office, bicycle repair shop or even where they get their coffee.

The locations are limitless! This type of advertising technology is an ABSOLUTE MUST! A clear, relevant, and trackable breakthrough many small businesses need. Being able to target locations where your buyers are is the key. Stop waiting for your customers to see your ad on TV, hear an announcement on the radio while they have a CD plugged in, or waiting for snail mail, usually after they’ve left your area for the day. Be where your customers are, and that’s on their phone. It’s a no brainer. We track Two Billion people, using 260,000 apps, everywhere in the world. We know where they are, their age, gender and even their buying aptitude.

Ulyssee Benson is our Lead Advertising Specialist who works closely with our new clients and is ready to serve your business needs. His sole mission at Local Mobile Leads, Incorporated is our mission, To Design Results Driven, Ad Campaigns, Custom To The Individual Needs Of Each Business’ Clientele.

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