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The Global Times promises only the most reliable politics news, world news, business news, biz news, in-depth news, military news and breaking news founded on truth.

Find the latest news in China Politics, Society, Diplomacy, Military, Law, Environment, profile and more from one of todays trusted English-Language Chinese Newspaper operating under the People’s Daily. Be updated with the latest happenings around China today!

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Every single passing day, countless changes happen in and out China that must be taken attention too. Each change either can negatively or positively affects the entire society, or a single individual. Sometimes the change can be too overwhelming, oftentimes is inspiring. There are changes that bring individuals into the peak while other changes bring somebody to the bottom. Most of the issues of changes that likely bring a significant impact to the individuals of the society and the society itself are gathered and brought to you by The Global Times, with professional journalist waiting and searching every hour to find and witness a story break throughout the vast China nation. May it be from the mountainous Yunnan village or from the corporate realm at Beijing.

The Global Times, which was established in April 2009, with the desire to let the world know about the latest happenings in China kept all the gathered news written in English Language. Hence, wherever you come from, as long as you understand English, will likely be updated and understand the changes happening in China. The paper is currently considered as one of Chinese media most dynamic player that is gradually becoming the major English Language newspaper in the country.

The Global Times promises only the most reliable politics news, world news, business news, biz news, in-depth news, military news and breaking news founded on truth. The Chinese society does not recognize stale stories and old beliefs, so does the Global Times. Only an in-depth coverage of the most controversial stories are delivered. On the opinion pages, only the heated debates over the toughest issues such as the country’s use of death penalty, its increasing wealth gap and the challenges faced of forming international orders are provided.

With the constant effort of The Global Times, it was able to grab the attention of the international press. The paper then acquire commendation and praise from outsider press for being trustworthy and for providing insightful stories, while others recognize the paper for its remarkable innovation.

Not only does Global Times delivers variety of news gathered from different corners of China but also delivers trustworthy news and issues specifically happened in two of the most interesting and vibrant mega cities in China ¨C the Beijing and Shanghai.

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With the hottest and most reliable news written in English, The Global Times accumulate a range of readers from throughout the globe including business leaders, ambassadors, politicians, intellectual, and entities in the academe that uses the newspaper as a tool for teaching the country’s future elites.

To better understand China or have a glimpse of the recent happenings within the nation, the Global Times is the best place to seek for more information and news.

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