New Revolutionary Grow Light, The Aspect, Transforms How Plants are Grown in the Home and Office

The Aspect, first grow light developed for interior design, blends style with functionality to encourage greener living and work spaces

BETHLEHEM, PA – Soltech Solutions has reinvented the LED grow light with their recent product, the Aspect.  The Aspect is the first LED grow light developed specifically for interior design, allowing you to grow any plant – anywhere, while aesthetically enhancing any indoor space.  With the Aspect, you can comfortably grow pineapples, fresh spices,  avocado trees, coffee, and much more, anywhere throughout your home or office.  The Kickstarter for this aesthetically pleasing grow machine was launched on October 11, 2016.  Within 36 hours their $9,500 project was successfully funded and continues to grow, evidence of a need they are filling within a “growing” industry.

Soltech’s Kickstarter campaign takes note of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency statistics stating American spend, on average, 93% of their life indoors [i].  There is something instinctual about humans wanting to be close to nature.  Many of us attempt to bring plants inside, but plants need the support of the sun to grow properly.  Most indoor environments cannot provide light to grow healthy plants.  The alternative has been either a very limited variety of plants or traditional grow lights which are obnoxious, inefficient and an eyesore for growers.

The Aspect uses a newly developed LED which imitates sunlight.  It has been tested and shown to grow almost any type of plant and look beautiful while doing it.  So whether you want to grow your own spices and coffee or just beautify  your decorative plants with healthy light, the right Aspect will bring them to life.   “I have tried to grow plants in my home office for years and have failed miserably each time.”  Said small business owner and mother of two Rachel Xhemajli.  “After using the Aspect, I am now able to grow fragrant and exotic plants in my office, which has gotten me several compliments from clients.” 

With the unique and sleek pendant design of the Aspect you can tastefully accent and showcase your new plants.  Each Aspect also comes with a lamp shade hook, allowing you to compliment your decor with just about any lamp shade.  Soltech Solutions is now currently working to meet their next “stretch” goal on their Kickstarter campaign.  Once they reach their next goal of $20,000, they will provide a wider variety of color and pattern options for the nylon cords.  In providing a new series of colors and patterns for the cord, the Aspect can further compliment the decor of its owner.   Since it’s completely customizable, the Aspect cords can even be selected to match individual room interiors or even just reflect your own creativity and style.

This winter you can plan on keeping your beautiful plants alive – and even bring in some new ones.  Turn your home into the wild oasis of your dreams.  Share one with your friends and family or get one as a gift for someone special.   With the addition of the Aspect, you and your loved ones can look forward to enjoying all of the benefits of a green and beautiful home.

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About Soltech Solutions:

Operating out of Bethlehem, PA, Soltech Solutions is a young startup that develops green and energy efficient products to enhance your daily life.  Together they have years of experience in the fields of energy engineering and environmental science and continue to design and handcraft their product lines with the mission of helping you live healthier and happier.

[i] National Exposure Research Laboratory, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Research Triangle Park, North Carolina 27711, USA

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