Impressed User Recommends ChalkTastic Chalk Marker Pen Mega Pack for Color Variety

Color variety is turning out to be one of the many popular features of ChalkTastic Chalk Marker Pen Mega Pack. A recent user has posted an Amazon review expressing pleasure about the product’s color variety.

17th October, 2016 – ChalkTastic Chalk Marker Pen Mega Pack continues to receive top rating from the Amazon shoppers. In a recently published Amazon review, the user has recommended this chalk-based accessory for its variety in terms of color. Each pack of this product contains an assortment of eighteen chalk markers in different carefully selected colors. Interestingly, the Chalk Marker Pen Mega Pack is the upgraded version of the same product’s standard pack containing eight markers. The mega pack of the product is currently available at for just $21.77.

The premium quality chalk pens from ChalkTastic are meant for writing on all types of nonporous surfaces. The pens contain a highly concentrated chalk ink that delivers a vibrant range of colors even after many uses. These pens outlast all other similar products because of its high ink capacity. The product is suitable for the kids because it only contains nontoxic materials that are also odorless and dust-free. A large number of Amazon shoppers have used these markers to decorate or write on window glasses, white boards, LED writing boards, food containers, car windows, bistro boards, and much more. Many teachers also recommend the product as a useful teaching supply.

Expresisng her pleasure about the product’s color variety, a recent reviewer mentions in her review, “I have a chalk board on my kitchen door and I like to doodle and put little notes on the board. My two boy’s and my husband have also put their doodles on it since I bought these chalk markers. There are so many colors to choose from. The first time you use these markers you will have to depress the tip down for a few seconds until you see the color come through on the tip. When the tip is the color of the marker then it is ready for use. Each time I use these I shake the pen first. It has the clickity clack sound like a can of spray paint. The colors are super vibrant and it doesn’t run. To take the marker off, you simply wipe it with a dry cloth.”

“These will also work on windows. It doesn’t come out that dark, but it will work. They are also awesome on dark colored construction paper. I think they are a great idea for young children that like to color. Even adults will love these. I keep mine hanging on the wall right by the chalk board and we doodle all of the time,” she continued.

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