TechRave – Good News for Tech Enthusiasts is an online internet portal that promises to provide local tech news, reviews and previews, with one-of-a-kind perspective at Pakistani tech like gadgets, apps, smartphones, etc. Unlike other tech news portals, this one has the potential to provide us insights to local tech providers.

Lahore, Pakistan – Oct 17, 2016 – Launched a few weeks ago, is a new up to date Pakistani news tech portal emerged and is now spreading. What’s unique about this website is how fast it keeps adding tech related articles with the latest information and news. The owner of the portal, Muzammil Baig works with a small team of hardworking reporters in harmony to bring you news which will interest you.

“We want to bring our readers the best reading experience. We know how the world of social media is trending so to appeal to our audience on every platform, we have even made website’s accounts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn. On these platforms, the trending news is shared. Other than that, if you visit our website, it has a simple yet sophisticated design which will appeal to the common eye.”

Muzammil hopes to expand his website’s reading circle and wishes to build a bond with the readers. “We hope to reach 1 million visitors in a month. Till now, we get a few 100 views on our articles; however, we have a long way to go! We want our readers to feel comfortable enough to let us know what they want to Read More.”

To reach their target, the TechRave team is:

• Researching extensively to find news which would appeal to its audience
• Writing and writing; more material daily
• Updating its Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn accounts daily
• Communicating with different critics and taking opinions
• Discussing helpful marketing techniques with famous Marketers

We talked to one of the writers at TechRave: “I really enjoy working here, firstly, because the news we publish is mostly interesting and I have a good time covering it. Secondly, our team is like a family, we help each other out, and at the end of the day, we’re all running to meet deadlines just for the readers! When we get time, we read what the other writers have written at the website, and thoroughly enjoy reading their work as well.”

TechRave’s birth was inspired by a spirit of bringing something new to the people of Pakistan. In a country where terrorists have developed a fear in the minds of the people, where bad news is just around the corner; TechRave brings news to relax you, interest you and not at all upset you.

About TechRave:

TechRave is a tech-based news website based in Pakistan. Founded in September, in this short time, TechRave has written 100+ articles.

Media Contact
Company Name: TechRave
Contact Person: Muzammil Baig
Phone: +923338226610
City: Lahore
State: Punjab
Country: Pakistan