New Independent Record Label Releases Brooklyn-Based Hip Hop Artist Mike MC’s New Single

Multifaceted New York rapper Mike MC has made hip hop music through the roughest of situations and still remains optimistic about his career as a recording artist. Recently announcing the release of his latest single “Options (ft. Daniel Ratliff)” with much anticipation from his fans surrounding his first album release scheduled for 2016.

CHICAGO, IL – 10/17/2016 (PRESS RELEASE JET) — Mike MC wouldn’t have been the first Brooklyn-based rising hip hop star to lose his life in an act of violence. Instead Mike MC used the experience of being brutally stabbed in a Boston car jacking, to be the catalyst of his music career moving it forward to new levels. Recently, the talented hip hop star announced the release of his latest single “Options (ft. Daniel Ratliff),” showcasing both his lyrical ability and trademark flow. With his first album do out late in 2016, Mike MC and his label, System Entertainment, take the job very seriously.

“In entertainment marketing, one of the hardest jobs is the first release. The next part is the promotion of that product to the industry,” commented a spokesperson from System Entertainment, “with a quality artist like Mike MC who is delivering amazing music that challenges not only the label but himself, we have much more to work with. “Options (ft. Daniel Ratliff)” is an amazing song.”

In addition to recording music, Mike MC is also the owner of a clothing line that plans on using new technology and clothing designing methods to make quality, stylish athletic gear. Music and fashion come hand in hand, fortunately for the New Yorker, fashion is a great asset to his company.

Mike MC’s music, including his new single can be streamed on Apple Music and on Spotify. Stay tuned for the latest news from Mike MC at or on social media.

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