Forsentek offers a wide collection of load cells, force sensors, and torque measurement solutions

Forsentek is a Chinese based manufacturing company that is involved in production and export of a number of load cells, force sensors, as well as torque transducers to over 50 different countries.

China is regarded as a hub of manufacturing and exports a wide number of products to countries across the world. With its stronghold to production of industrial equipment the country exports everything such as the load cells, force sensors, etc. These products are pretty important components for running of various machines in all across the world. There are a number of companies that are involved in production for such products like the torque sensor. One such company that has been operating and manufacturing a wide range of such products with different capacities is Forsentek. The company is based in Shenzhen and caters to both national and international requirements.

To know more about its product offerings one may visit their website. The website features each and every products that the company is specialized in. At the moment the company is involved in production of force sensors, measuring solutions, and load cells. It is presently offering its products to over 50 different countries in the world. Among the popular products, load cells are one of the major selling ones. The company offers a variety of these options which ranges from the micro load cell to compression load cells. Other inclusions to this category of product are the tension compression load cells, button load cells, strain gauge load cells, etc.

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Additionally, the company specializes in manufacturing of force sensor. Even the company is involved in manufacture of tailor made force sensors for robotics, medical equipment, and auto industry. The production is supervised and channelized by experienced engineers. They are continuously working towards development of advanced force sensors, load cell applications, etc. The website features each and every information related to the products being manufactured along with HD images. Besides having the ability of offering standardized products, the company has adequate infrastructure to manufacture products based on custom requirements.

To help customers select the right kind of products as per their specific requirements, the company has detailed FAQs as well. Additionally, customers can use the live chat feature to speak with the sales representatives of the company and get answers to all their questions in regards to specific product types. The company uses advanced packing standards and makes all possible arrangements to ship each of its products in the safest condition to every customer.

About Forsentek

Forsentek is a manufacturing company based in China that is involved in production of a wide range of load cells, torque sensors, force sensors, etc. The company currently caters to over 50 different countries in the world and has the ability of catering to custom requirements as well. For more details about their products or to order them online, customers can visit their website.

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Company Name: Forsentek Co., Limited
Contact Person: Tarik Lu
Phone: 86 755 84536383
City: Shenzhen
Country: China