DOLAMEE has recently launched a DOLAMEE video giveaway, Awaiting Reviewers

DOLAMEE has recently launched a DOLAMEE video giveaway, and a video reviewer is qualified for a prize of $20 cash, i.e., anyone who buy a DOLAMEE TV Box can get $20 cash back if he/she upload a review video (min. 2 minutes) to YouTube. The giveaway makes a DOLAMEE TV Box seem free, because people can buy such products at very low rates. Customers will be happy about the low rates and high quality of the service.    

The official website of DOLAMEE states:

“If you want to review TV BOX, and you have fans on Youtube, Facebook and other SNS, or you want to make money through your videos or affiliate programs, or you have resources that will benefit both sides of us, you can get free samples from us.”

The just unveiled DOLAMEE D5 supports 4K@60fps video hard decoding, H.265 10-bit and AVS+, etc. This model is called as a true 4K TV Box with 64-bit SOC. Now, DOLAMEE company is recruiting reviewers for its new model. Those who have interest can contact with DOLAMEE with the title of “I Want Review”.

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According to the spokesman for DOLAMEE, in 2015 or before, there are too many so-called “4K” models in the market. With the development of chipset or CPU, consumers will know what is the true 4K in 2016.  RK3229 chipset (Quad core Cortex A53 1.5GHz 64bit) in DOLAMEE D5 is perfect for 4K video solution with its VP9 decoding. DOLAMEE provides family entertainment solutions to meet the needs of all kinds of clients, first and foremost.  


DOLAMEE company specializes in manufacturing and developing popular consumer electronics for global users. This brand is well-known for stable premium quality at affordable prices. People now can find DOLAMEE’ products from its resellers on Amazon, DHgate, Aliexpress, or somewhere else.

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