Kefir Games Launches Kickstarter Campaign to Introduce Moon Child

Moon Child is the name of an action adventure game with a survivor’s heart and JRPG soul. An epic medieval fantasy with magical elements, players are launched into an anime world of fantasy.

The creators of Moon Child received inspiration from anime video games such as Princess Mononoke, Future Boy Conan, and other Miyazaki works.  Zelda, Terraria, Spellbound, Monster Hunter, and Wonder Boy have also inspired particular features of Moon Child; however, Moon Child still retains its own sense of style.

Some key features include:

  • Solving mental challenging riddles in order to close portals
  • Exploring caverns and ancient books
  • Searching every corner to find secret treasures or settlements with side quests
  • Receiving special rewards from villagers whom you help
  • Hunting animals and searching for food in order to survive alone in the world
  • Taming particular animals to discover hidden zones on the map
  • Non-linear gameplay with apparently indestructible monsters with a weapon based weakness
  • Crafting new weapons and armor to destroy monsters

The Moon Child project is developed by 2 experienced game enthusiasts:  Sanchiro and Ichigo.  

Sanchiro has worked on several mobile games during his 10+ years of experience.  A game designer at heart, he also focused his attention on 3D/2D Artist, UI design, and music composition.

Ichigo has 5 years of experience as a programmer, along with a full Manga/Anime enthusiast and Unity specialist.

Since Moon Child is such a vast undertaking, with many features, animations, graphics, and assets to design, Kefir Games is looking for backers to invest funds to enable the recruitment of more employees in every stage of production.  Efforts will be focused on art assets and quality animation in order to refine the combat system and monster mechanics, programming, soundtrack, and story script.

The Kickstarter campaign, located on the web at, offers pledge levels from •5 ($6 USD) to •1,000 ($1,105), with rewards including everything from your name to appear in the credits, a digital copy of Moon Child to be delivered on Stream or GOG, 2 variations of digital wallpaper, a digital version of the original soundtrack, a digital world map of the game, several different in-game items, an Eclipse T-Shirt, a digital art book, your name given to a quest character, your face on an in-game monster, a room of your choice in the game, and exclusive access to a zone with rare monsters.  For more information, visit the Kickstarter page.

About Moon Child:  

Moon Child is a video game with a medieval feel and magical elements that sends players on fantasy quests.

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