Classy Catz Crochet Hooks Set is Wonderful Says Amazon Vine Voice Review

Amazons Chosen Reviewer Praises Classy Catz Crochet Hooks Set

There has been a clampdown at Amazon as they have tried to protect the integrity of their customer reviews from manipulation by unscrupulous sellers fabricating false and misleading information about products. Millions of reviews have been removed including many that may have been genuine. Amazon is now banking on their own, hand picked reviewers known as Amazon Vine Voices to help steer its customers in the right direction.

In a statement today by Crochet Hook Set manufacturer Classy Catz, the applauded the recent changes at Amazon and pointed to one such Vine Voice review that they had received regarding their product.

A spokesperson for Classy Catz commented, “We think that Amazon has made a huge step in the right direction to protect the integrity of its review service and have great belief that the cream always rises to the top eventually (no pun intended). It is a great bonus when you receive a 5 star rating from such a prestigious source as a Vine Voice reviewer as we did back in August before all these changes took place. Now it carries even more weight and is a great endorsement of the Crochet Hook Set product we sell.”

The Vine Voice Review says, “This is a wonderful set. I bought it on whim because I tried a rub handled hook from another company and decided to get a whole set. I love the scissors that come with the set. This will be really easy to stow away on road trips! My only complaint is that these are shorter than the Boyce hooks I haved used for years. It was hard at first for me to get used to the shorter length of these but once you learn how to move your hand, you won’t really think about it.”

The spokesperson continued, “It is important for all prospective customers on Amazon to be able to read customer feedback and honest opinion about a product. it will not all be rosy and wonderful because all products have problems from time to time and then the important thing is the customer service you receive from the company you bought from. At Classy Catz we always respond and deliver a great service and try to deal with every enquiry and issue swiftly and to the satisfaction of the customer. we are old school and still believe in ‘the customer is always right’ attitude.”

The Classy Catz Crochet Hook Set of 9 aluminium crochet hooks with ergonomic adjustable handles, sizes 2-6 mm in a travel carry case along with a 21 piece accessory kit, row counter and 20 piece markers set is available exclusively on Amazon USA. The set also includes a free baby dragon pattern.


Classy Catz are manufacturers and sole distributors of the Classy Catz Crochet Hook Set. The set may be purchased from Amazon USA. For more information please visit the Amazon Page or join the community on Facebook at

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