FireFaux Entertainment announces “Photographic Memory” a short film on ADHD

The film which stars Dominique Swain alongside Macleish Day will strive to create awareness on the negative effects of ADHD

Today, FireFaux Entertainment announced they will soon be going into production of “Photographic Memory”, a short film on ADHD. The film tells the story of a woman struggling with finding her missing daughter, because of loss of memory due to years of suffering from ADHD. The film will feature Mia Talerico and Dominique Swain, alongside Macleish Day. Photographic Memory is Dustin Clingans directorial debut and screenwriter Dave M Boddy’s first writing effort to spread awareness of ADHD Concussions. Filming starts on October 29, 2016, and will be released in 2017.

“Stoked to have a stellar cast and crew attached to this project. We never thought we would get the amazing crew and talent that we did. LA REELS will join in the efforts with shooting the film in and around Pasadena and LA. It is already evident that it is going to be fun and great,” said Macleish Day, Producer and Actor.

Photographic Memory is about Elisa McAdams, a mother who has battled ADHD her entire life. When her daughter suddenly gets missing she struggles with lack of memory, and the inability to focus on any details to figure out what happened to her daughter. In the process of looking for her daughter, she gets involved in a near fatal car accident and suffers a serious brain injury. Although she survived, the injury somehow led to enhanced memory and focus, and her ADHD seems to have been reversed. With these abilities, she sets out to find her daughter.

“My struggles with concussions and ADHD is the motivation behind this story. I have made it a mission to bring awareness to the reality of ADHD, as there are thousands of youths, teens, and adults who struggle daily due to ADHD,” said Co-writer and screenplay writer, Dave Matthew Boddy.

About FireFaux Entertainment
FireFaux Entertainment is a new up and coming Production Company bringing independent short film content to new media and theater screens. The company, which was launched in 2016, will be responsible for the production of the Photographic Memory short film. You can contact them by email at

About Macleish Day
Macleish Day is an actor Born and raised in Boulder, Colorado. He graduated from Interlochen and received his BA in Musical Theatre at the University of Northern Colorado in 2008. Macleish has taken part in more than 40 productions in film, new media, theater and commercial. He speaks Scottish, Irish, British, and French. He will be playing the character Sebastian Wallace in Photographic Memory short film. For more information about the artist, please contact 310-948-7145,, or visit

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