Rangefinders Change the Game of Golf, According to New Article from Golf Tamers

Rangefinders offer wide range of benefits for savvy golfers

According to a new article from Golf Tamers, rangefinders are changing the way the sport is played. Whether playing recreationally or in a competition, more and more golfers are turning to the convenience and accuracy offered by rangefinders.

Golf rangefinders can be found in both GPS and laser varieties and make it easy for golfers to concisely judge distance without spending time on traditional methods. A 2012 poll revealed that approximately 69 percent of golfers were using rangefinders to enhance their game. While traditionalists opt for “old school” methods, rangefinders are becoming a staple of the sport.

Mike Cuthbert at Golf Tamers said, “These days, we’re all about convenience in everyday life, and that is now coming across to the game of golf. Why not make life, and golf, a bit easier with a rangefinder?”

Even traditionalists find themselves asking the same question, especially as they see their golf buddies and opponent take the course with streamlined tools that maximize efficiency. Some traditionalists argue that rangefinders, particularly the GPS variety, distract them from focusing on the game, and others simply note that no one is walking off yardage these days to check distances. Still others feel that rangefinders are just a way to cheat the game and make people obsessed about the numbers. Others complain that rangefinders take away from the game because golfers are too busy fiddling with their gadgets as opposed to playing.

Whether golfers are for or against rangefinders, the benefits are clear. GPS and laser rangefinders are lightweight, streamlined, and easy to carry. They can be carried or even worn anywhere and used virtually any time to get fast and accurate ranges. Rangefinders make it easy for people to speed up their games. With the information produced by rangefinders, golfers can use the right club to attain the best ball trajectory based on distance. GPS rangefinders can help people quickly get out of blind spots, and players can avoid hazards based on accurate distance.

Although some people feel that golf rangefinders have taken away from the game to an extent, others are embracing these powerful, easy to use, highly accurate tools. While it could be argued that rangefinders take away from the game, it can also be debated that rangefinders add to the game of golf. Recreational golfers can quickly judge their distance while freeing up more time for joking and conversation. In competition, golf rangefinders can reduce the amount of time spent on judging distances.

The team at Golf Tamers believes that more and more people are going to convert to GPS and laser rangefinders. “You’re not giving up on the quality of your game by using one, you’re improving your game by using one,” said the Golf Tamers team.

No matter what side of the fence golfers are on, almost anyone who knows about rangefinders can agree that they are changing the face of golf. More information can be found at https://golftamers.com/golf-rangefinders-benefit/.

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