GraciouzLimited Announces The Upcoming New Indiegogo Reward Based Crowdfunding CampaignTo Support Its Drive To Make The Business World A Better Place For All Professionals

Graciouz Limited is established by Dr. Keith Kueh, who has a Ph.D. in Marketing and spent the last 20 years of his career in various global companies. Graciouz’s principle is to improve the working world by providing a better place for professionals. Dr. Kueh has started a crowdfunding campaign in Indiegogo to co-fund software development for Graciouz Product Suite with the objective to improve interactions and understandings between managers and colleagues. This will enable every talent in every company to showcase their skills.

After a thorough 14-month research in the business process of multiple companies, Graciouz found time-waster issues, employees’ collaboration issues, unmotivated, inefficient, and unappreciated employees, attract and retain employees, politics issues, favoritism, underutilization and many other issues that put serious obstacles to business development in each company.

As a result, the company is launching Graciouz Product Suite with the first three software products, as followed in December 2016:

  • Graciouz Appreciation
  • Graciouz Motivation
  • Graciouz Efficiency

Their goal is also to launch the following products:

  • Graciouz Performance
  • Graciouz Profiling & Analytics in Q1 2017
  • Graciouz Participation
  • Graciouz Welfare
  • Graciouz Trainingware
  • Graciouz Analytics in Q3 2017

Graciouz Product Suite will improve the working world making it a better place. Thanks to the contributors, the company will gather the needed co-funds to develop and release these tools. They will improve the work communication, business interaction, talent appreciation, and contribution applaud and recognition. People, who decide to support this crowdfunding campaign, will contribute to their own success as well as to the success of the future generations who will enter the improved working environment.

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About Us:

Graciouz Limited is a new start-up company that strives to make a business world a better place for both employers and employees. All products within the Graciouz Product Suite are still in software development.

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Company Name: Graciouz
Contact Person: Dr. Keith Kueh
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