Marijuana Company of America Announces PreLaunch of HempSMART Brain

“Marijuana Company of America”
A Hemp Derived CBD Product to Support Brain Function

MARIJUANA COMPANY OF AMERICA (“MCOA” or the “Company”) (OTC PINK: MCOA), an innovative cannabis and hemp marketing and distribution company, is pleased to announce the prelaunch of the hempSMART Brain product has commenced.

“We are very excited to announce the hempSMART Brain prelaunch as we prepare to begin shipping orders in the coming weeks. A lot of time and energy went into developing this product and we are looking forward to getting it into the hands of our customers,” said CEO, Donald Steinberg.

hempSMART Brain was developed to address the increase in neurologic and neurodegenerative challenges that have prompted a surge in scientific research on prevention and/or reversal of brain and nervous system pathology. A variety of natural products have been shown, in clinical trials, to improve neurological and cognitive function and there has been a surge of products being marketed to improve brain function. While the efficacy of some of these blends has been impressive, many utilize trace amounts of therapeutic ingredients, inadequate for any clinical effect.

Advantages Of HempSMART Brain Over Competing Brain Function Products

HempSMART Brain is unique in that it utilizes a synergistic blend of natural neuroprotective and neuroregenerative compounds, all in clinically researched and verified therapeutic amounts. The Core Ingredients for this product are CBD, Astaxanthin, Phosphoryl Choline and Phosphatidyl Serine. Together, these ingredients promote and support brain function and neurogenesis. Additional natural compounds compliment the synergistic effects of the core ingredients.

HempSMART exemplifies the practical application of cutting edge research and premium botanical ingredients, in therapeutic amounts. HempSMART Brain is the first of its kind. The synergistic blend of clinically verified natural brain support, with water soluble CBD, crosses the blood-brain barrier and offers brain support and protection not previously available in the marketplace.

Sales and Marketing Efforts Anticipate Pre-Orders Within Weeks


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