Sensible Decisions, Inc. Announces Pain Therapy Mat Liquidation Sale

LOS ANGELES, CA – 10/18/2016 (PRESS RELEASE JET) — Consumers Line Up to Take Advantage of This Unprecedented of Offering. 

Sensible Decisions, Inc. announced the liquidation sale of their Charmed FIR Mats line of heat therapy mini mats to make room for their incoming stock supply.  A FIR (far infrared heat) Mat is a mat using amethyst crystals to create far infrared heat, a form of heat which is part of the light spectrum from natural sunlight. It is a safe form of energy that heats objects, bodies, etc. The mini mat is used for pain therapy and known for its many health benefits. 

CEO and founder of Sensible Decisions, Inc., Barbara Carmichael, issued the following statement, “The overwhelming popularity of our Charmed Mini Mats has allowed us to make this special offering to our consumers just in time for the holiday gift-giving season.  We want to express our appreciation for all the support from our valued customers as well as make available this one time offer to online consumers.  We have received so many requests for a special offer from our many satisfied customers who want to share our amethyst mats with their friends and family.  So we are answering the call with this sale.  The offer is valid only while supplies last, so buy yours now!”

Some of the benefits associated with FIR Mat technology include improved circulation and cardiovascular function; improved immune system function; relief from pain and chronic inflammation;  Calorie burning and weight control; easing joint pain and stiffness; reducing stress and fatigue; and detoxifying impurities from the skin.

These far infrared heating pads have been available for years with many impressive results.  One such result comes from one of Charmed FIR Mats many happy customers, “This Infrared Mat is truly amazing. A year ago I came down with Reiter’s (Reactive Arthritis) – very painful. I purchased this Mat and I am using it every day since. Let me tell you, not even the heavy duty painkillers relieved my pain like this product. I am also using it an hour before bedtime and I am sleeping like a baby. I have been off sleeping pills ever since. My husband (the skeptic) started using it for his back pain and felt immediate relief. I also was amazed about the wonderful customer service. Barbara responded to my e-mail in minutes and phone calls were returned immediately. To me, this kind of customer service is very important.”

Charmed FIR Mats are available online at

About Charmed FIR Mats

Charmed FIR Mats is a subsidiary of Sensible Decisions, Inc. and is located in Los Angeles, California. It was founded in 2015. They started their search for alternative treatments to drugs and surgery decades ago and have spent the last 15 years promoting alternative health care and prevention in the form of health fairs. They have now expanded into providing FIR Mats to the general public in order to provide a non-drug and non-surgical solution to health problems.

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