Texas Senator Rick Galindo Destroys First Amendment to support Political Monopoly

18.10.2016 – An Investigative Reporter uncovered Evidence Exposing a clear misuse of power clouded by a conflict of interest. According to a Resident of the Amhurst Sub division on the North West Side of San Antonio, he has been victim to countless acts of offense based upon a political disagreement. The issue Began during the summer of 2015 when, Louis A. Murphy, a retired 20 year veteran and avid campaign donator and supporter of San Antonio’s Major Ivy Taylor began receiving infractions from his Home Owners Association for the Ivy Taylor and signs he proudly displays in his yard.

The Puerto Rican veteran, and pro-peace activist stated to reporters, “Now my Phil Cortez for State Senate signs are coming up missing, so I started putting them closer to my doorstep to avoid my property from being stolen.” When reporters asked why he feels like there is such resistance to support of these Campaigns, he cracked a smile and responded, “Lord Rick Galindo.”

You see, Mr. Murphy who chose Amhurst as a quiet neighborhood to retire in, shares his neighborhood with Texas State Representative Rick Galindo. While taking a drive through his neighborhood, Mr. Murphy pointed out an un-kept home a few hundred yards away from his home that he says belongs to the Senator. While on this drive, He also quietly pointed out all of the Yards signs throughout the neighborhood proudly supporting Rick Galindo campaign for this upcoming election.

Mr. Murphy, a strong proponent of free speech has done well over the last year defending himself against the countless regulatory bodies that have attempted to quiet his voice in support of San Antonio’s Current Mayor.

The real attacks from Rick Galindo began when the Amhurst Home owners Association sent Mr. Murphy a letter demanding he remove the Ivy Taylor sign from his lawn, because it “wasn’t during an election” In a well documented reply, including photographs, Mr. Murphy Replied to the Home Owners Association asking then why is that almost every home in the neighborhood has a Rick Galindo sign in their lawn. In an undocumented reply by phone, the Home owners association property manager expressed no discourse in Rick Galindo displayed in the neighborhood year round.

After doing some digging, we discovered that the Senator Galindo’s professional work experience also includes a position as Rick Manager for Spectrum Association Management; the umbrella corporation that owns the Amhurst Sub Divisions home owners association. This position lands Texas State Representative Rick Galindo a spot on the board of directors at the Amhurst Sub Division where both Mr. Galindo and Mr. Murphy Live. After receiving a call from Ivy Taylor’s office, Mr. Rick Galindos signs remain to be the only political signs suitable for display by the home owners association.

Since this issue, Mr. Murphy has reported countless acts of provoking and harassment, including multiple visits from mental health services and one undocumented visit in which he was harassed by the mental health officers, a committee that Mr. Rick Galindo also sits on. He also describes various personal acts of provoking by the senator that include various immature and lewd hand and body motions.

If you or someone you know feels that they have been victim to social/political recourses from being applied by Rick Galindo, please contact our press office to have your information forwarded to a District Attorney as evidence in what could be an investigation of his ethical behavior.

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