\’Design Your Destiny\’ released worldwide – Denny Joseph\’s 20 proven strategies that empower you to achieve anything you want in life

“Design Your Destiny – Denny Joseph”
“Design Your Destiny” published by White Falcon Publishing is a story of author’s journey from a sailor in the Indian Navy, a Training Consultant with Republic of Singapore Navy to a Motivational Speaker and Career Coach today. His curiosity and search for the key drivers of success and outstanding results, of the successful people resulted in publishing this book where the author has made an effort to help the readers find their true purpose in life and create their own destiny.

“First of all, no one believed that I would ever publish a book, because I was an average student in the school, an ordinary sailor in the Indian Navy and I wasn’t any different from other Instructors in the Republic of Singapore Navy. I overcame these limiting beliefs by joining Toastmasters Club, finishing a full marathon in the year 2012 in Singapore, signing up for courses like NLP and resigning from a well paid job in Singapore which was my comfort zone.

I had a dream of publishing my own book because I wanted to tell the world my story, the story of a sailor who became a Motivational Speaker and a Trainer. When others told me that I can’t do it, my desire grew all the more strong and I took it as a challenge to prove that other’s opinion of me need not have to be my reality. I believed in my power to Design My Destiny. 

Well, in my quest for the reasons why some people succeed in life and the majority lives a mediocre life I was inspired to read a lot of self-help books. I read hundreds of books and I realized that successful people have certain habits which made them successful. I derived the best 20 habits of those successful people and I began to apply those in my life and my life changed. I believe that everyone can be successful if they apply these strategies in their life.

Target Audience for the book is everyone, who wants to succeed in life, YOLO! You only live once! If you really want to live a blissful, meaningful and fulfilled life this book is for you,” says the author Denny Joseph.

The book published by White Falcon Publishing is available on online stores worldwide.

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