Futuristic sealant from NanDro Technologies Boasts 10 Years of protection Guarantee

Futuristic sealants and coatings from NanDro Technologies assures absolute protection of buildings from extreme weather elements and regular wear & tear so that the home stays protected for 10 years, Guaranteed!

Tampa, Fl, October 18, 2016: Homeowners struggling to protect their homes from extreme weather attacks can finally heave a sigh of relief! Leading sealant company NanDro Technologies has developed a futuristic sealer that can keep a building anew for 10 l-o-n-g years at a stretch- irrespective of extreme weather elements and regular wear & tear.

The breakthrough sealant promises water, oil, acid, stain, frost, and mold resistance for applied properties. Based on NanDro Technology, the NanDro sealants can be used on all kinds of surfaces, including stone, metal, glass, wood, anti-graffiti & more. It is available to be shipped worldwide.



“Your home is one of your biggest investments and it’s only natural that you would want to maintain it at its best for your children. No wonder you will take to sealants but the regular options cannot assure the optimum protection needed from weather elements, leading to costly maintenance and repairs frequently. However, you can put an end to all such worries now as our futuristic NanDro eco-friendly protective sealants & coatings assure your treasured asset absolute defense against any sort of damaging environmental elements & every day wear & tear. Our proprietary formula guarantees lasting effect that will keep your homes, commercial buildings, cars and even boats for up to 10 years on just one application. Just imagine how big you are going to save on home maintenance!” stated a leading spokesperson from NanDro Technologies.

What keeps NanDro sealant ahead of the competition is the covalent molecular bonding of its nandroparticles that actually bond up with the building material it is applied to and do not sit on top as is usual with other substandard sealants. The nandro sized particles used here are 100x smaller compared most of the market counterparts, which helps the coatings to blend in completely with the applied surface to ensure a superior barrier.



“We assure you waterproof non-breathable coatings that can coat your building surface completely with any finish you wish for, be it matte or satin or gloss. Our premium protective sealers are water-repellent, stain-resistant & breathable. They would penetrate the surface for effective safeguard, whilst staying virtually invisible. Thus, they can also be safe for historic & protected buildings. All our coatings & sealants promise low VOC, no carcinogens and hence assure no harm to the surroundings. Long-lasting & durable, they are a breeze to clean (without harsh chemicals) and also ensure a lasting life for the material. You will pleasantly end up with reduced maintenance and repair costs as well as enhanced aesthetics for every aspect of your asset- from countertops to concrete sidewalks to wooden decks.”

NanDro has developed a variety of specific sealants to choose from as per the different surfaces- like wood, glass, concrete, stone and metal that will ensure protection for numerous years to come.

Speaking further, the firm manager stressed that chemical compounds created with NanDro particles enables one to pick & choose the material properties one is looking to join.

“It’s almost like breeding a German Shepard with Basset hound so that you can have the best of both worlds. Now, we are able to chemically join natural stone with plastic & create a futuristic protectant which is highly durable & impervious to all contaminants like UV rays, acid or mildew”, the manager added in.

To get the NanDro Tech sealants or coatings, visit www.nandrotech.com.

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