Re-Freshen relieving Central Virginia homes of harmful allergens with new-age Dust testing

Re-Freshen is assuring allergen-free clean fresh and healthy home in Central Virginia with cutting edge dust testing and advanced non-toxic ozone indoor air cleaning solution.

Richmond, Virginia, October 18, 2016: Good news for Southern States folks suffering from allergies and asthma attacks, Re-Freshen has assured to relieve Central Virginia homes of harmful airborne allergens through its new-age Dust Testing service. The 2015 Super Service Award Winner Company aims to ensure a chemical-free and eco-friendly ambience for kids and other living beings.



“Most of the allergies and asthma triggers are caused by house dust as dust carries various harmful indoor allergens. Thus, it’s important to find out what is present in your dust which will eventually help you to somewhat eliminate the risks of these allergies and attacks. This is where we come in with our breakthrough Ozone cleaning dust testing technology that successfully tests and cleans up the indoor allergens in your home”, stated Chris Gilson a certified Ozone Technician, Fresh Air Expert and the founder of Re-Freshen.

Established in 2009, Re-Freshen was founded by a doting dad who was having a hard time in finding premium allergy resolving solutions to help his daughter to get rid of her environmental allergies. After an extensive research, Gilson discovered that ozone cleaning is the best to free the indoor air from the damaging allergens.

Speaking further, the Re-Freshen founder revealed the different damaging components of house dust. These include dust mites, cockroaches, pollen, mold and latex. Out of all these, cockroaches and pollen contribute the most to asthma triggers as well as acute COPD. Houses with pets are at the risk of pet dander.

“We will take dust sample from your home, sourced either with tape lift or vacuum and get it analyzed by experts in an accredited testing lab for detailed analysis. Based on that result, you will get to know what harmful indoor air allergens you have been breathing in that are fanning your allergies, asthma attacks and other respiratory issues. The good thing is that our cutting edge ozone cleaning solution not only frees your home of harmful allergens, mold and bacteria but is also amazing in relieving your home from the nasty odors. You end up with a clean, safe, healthy and fresh smelling home.”



Re-Freshen aims to provide the house owners with a non-chemical, non-toxic and sanitary solution that duly enhances the indoor air quality. Added to dust testing, mold inspection & testing is also a major part of the company’s service sector.

“At Re-Freshen, it’s our goal to ensure a healthier environment to live & work in for our clients. We not only remove the allergens and odors but also assist different facilities around to establish and maintain a hygienic ambience for their customers and staff with our state of the art BioZone Protectant process”, added in a member from Chris’ team.

To get your indoor dust test and ensure a clean hygienic allergen-free indoor air quality for your home, contact Re-Freshen now at


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