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Presto Gel comes in single tube or display box, each box contains 12 tubes
Presto Gel brings rapid, lasting relief to swollen hemorrhoids and anal fistula.
Presto Gel is a clinically proven, non-surgical, non-toxic, non-irritating, non-hazardous, non prescription alternative for treating troublesome hemorrhoids.
Presto Gel should be tried even when everything else has failed.
You do not have to suffer!
Presto …… and it’s over!

Presto Gel brings rapid, lasting relief to inflamed, swollen & painful Hemorrhoids.

Presto Gel is a clinically proven, non-toxic, non-irritating, non-hazardous, non prescription, alternative to antiseptic, antibiotic and hydrocortisone drugs.

Presto Gel contains a unique, advanced composition of highly active natural ingredients in a breakthrough formula that has helped thousands of haemorrhoid sufferers around the world.

Presto Gel should be tried even when everything else has failed. You don’t have to suffer!

Presto Gel supports the natural biological wound healing mechanisms that enable normal tissue repair, while soothing anal burning, itching, irritation, bleeding, swelling and sensitivity. Presto Gel quickly restores your freedom to do the things you enjoy.


The quest for a safe, natural preparation to help the body resolve haemorrhoidal issues was begun in 2006 by two highly respected physicians at the Israpharm Clinic in Israel.

The research confirmed that most haemorrhoidal discomfort and inflammation is caused by bacteria and faecal acids and toxins, so work was begun to develop a gel to act as a protecting barrier based upon extracts from the aloe plant.

After 15 months of clinical trials involving over 200 patients presenting all stages of the condition, a formulation was achieved that greatly exceeded expectations, offering a strong lasting analgesic effect (up to 5 hours), despite the formula containing no analgesics! The researchers named their product “Presto Gel” because its effect was so rapid.

Individual response may vary but from the first application, Presto Gel users will likely experience a brief, pleasant cooling sensation as the bacterial barrier takes effect. Continuing to use Presto Gel will bring increasing and longer lasting relief as healing progresses.

Who may use Presto Gel?

Presto Gel is for use by men and women of all ages, including pregnant or musing women and children over 12 years of age.

Side Effects:

No side effects are known or expected. Presto Gel may be used in conjunction with any prescription or other medicine as often and for as long as necessary.

Active Ingredients:

Presto Gel contains natural ingredients selected to provide conditions that are favourable to self healing.

• Aloe Barbadenis Extract (Aloe Vera). This remarkable plant extract blocks bacteria and faecal toxins/acids, preventing the associated inflammation.

• Geranium Thunbergii and Pogostemon Cablin Leaf extracts. These natural preservatives avoid the use of synthetic, chemical preservatives.

Presto Gel contains no fragrance, animal ingredients, drugs, or harsh chemicals, synthetic preservatives or alcohol.

Presto …… and it’s over!

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