I-Switch shower launches its online campaign on Kickstarter to fund its unique project

Sensing shower which is water powered, allows users to control sprays by a simple wave of hands, Led changes color according to different temperature range, Powerful mist spray saves 50% of water usage.

People are eagerly waiting for the arrival of smart shower head for obtaining a new experience of bathing. The major benefit of such item involves prevention of unnecessary wastage of water and availing hosts of features to control the pressure and flow of water automatically during bathing. Kickstarter has organized a crowd funding campaign to back the project of I-SWITCH showerhead which is the brain child of Huale firm of China. This smart shower head comes with three enticing modes of Rain, Mist and Bubble so as to easily determine water pressure and spray with a simple wave of the hand. This product can completely change the internal atmosphere of residential or commercial bathrooms to a great extent.

I-Switch shower launches its online campaign on Kickstarter to fund its unique project

The advanced intelligent shower allows users to change the modes with just a simple gesture. The Bubble setting mode normally delivers low pressure for those who prefer a softer touch whereas the mode of Mist utilizes higher pressure and 50% less water for an ethereal shower experience. This product is ideal for having relaxed shower inside the bathroom after the end of a busy day. People can customize their bathing experience with this product so as to fulfill their personal requirements each time they stepped inside the bathroom. This shower head comes with glossy metal finished look to lift up the internal appearance of the bathroom.

This Kickstarter water saving device comes with three different colors of LED lights corresponding to three temperature ranges. The lights change color in accordance with change of temperature of water from cold to warm. So it is quite simple to gauge the water temperature once viewing the color pattern of LED light. The inclusion of this system has added fun to the experience of bathing for both old and adults. Unlike other showers, this smart shower head comprises of silicon nozzles that are quite easy to clean and can spray water at a sufficient speed for a long period of time. This device runs on hydro-generator that normally utilizes water flow for obtaining power. As a result, users will not have to bother about charging or replacing batteries.

This shower item also comprise of an O shaped ring with a filter in the joint ball place. This device once launched will reduce the average water bill to a great extent. This crowd funding platform ensures that donors do get detail information including features and specifications of this device before spending money on it. It follows stringent transparency while accepting payments from donors.

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