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(LOS ANGELES, October 18, 2016) — Worldwide Business with kathy ireland® announces an exclusive interview with Carolyn Primus, President of Avalon Biomed, a woman-owned business whose mission is to improve oral health worldwide with affordable, high quality products.

Oral health is linked to many systems within the body and as such it is important that the mouth be as healthy as possible. Avalon Biomed has created a bioactive dental cement that is improving the health of mouths the world over. Avalon Biomed creates the tricalcium silicate based dental cements, Grey MTA Plus and NeoMTA Plus.

Both of the cements that are created and sold by the company have a large range of uses in pulp therapy and endodontics. These products can be used as pulpotomy and cavity liner or used as sealer material to help extend the life of the filling and create a healthier mouth all around.

The products created by the company are award winning and progressive and work to create healthier mouths. Founder, Carolyn Primus has ten patents in dentistry and an impressive 20% of the profits that are gained by the company are donated to dental schools and underserved dental communities worldwide. The company has also earned the Top Endodontic Reparative Cement Award in 2015 from the Dental Advisor.

“Avalon Biomed is doing more than creating products that will turn a quick profit,” says J.L. Haber, Vice President of Programming, “they are creating products that are going to help those that use them and they are giving back to the world so that others can flourish and grow as a result of their success.”

Primus added. “We manufacture premium bioactive dental materials that are first rate, but packaged to be affordable. We have quality certifications that allow us to distribute our products in the USA, Canada, and around the world.” She continued, “We are happy to be on Worlwide Business with kathy ireland® to inform the public, dentists, dental distributors or dealers, and other researchers in bioactive materials- about our products.”

Avalon Biomed is changing the face of dentistry and is creating new products that not only help those that com in direct contact with them, they are also giving back to the future dentists and those communities that may not have access to dental medicine.

To learn more about Avalon Biomed tune into Bloomberg International at 7:00am GMT and 10:00am D.F. on Sunday October 23, 2016. The full interview can be viewed here.

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