New Anti Wrinkle Cream Rejuvelix Gets Award from Woman’s Answers Magazine

Rejuvelix, a scientifically formulated anti-wrinkle cream from Skin Research Institute, has recently been rated as the number one anti aging and wrinkle reducing cream of 2016 by Woman’s Answers magazine. The product is free of all types of harsh chemicals, and capable of boosting collagen, promoting skin repair, reducing wrinkles/dark spots, and rejuvenating skin.

Los Anglees, CA 18th October 2016

Skin Research Institute proudly reveals that their recently launched product Rejuvelix has been selected by the Woman’s Answers magazine as the best anti aging and wrinkle reducing cream of 2016. This product has already relieved many men and women from common aging related problems such as dark spots, wrinkles, etc. Skin Research Institute has manufactured this product using active ingredients that are clinically proven to deliver excellent anti aging benefits.

Woman’s Answers,, is a popular online magazine amongst today’s health conscious women. The health and beauty magazine reviews the latest products in the market from a neutral perspective to help the consumers make an informed decision. The website also publishes regular posts related to beauty, health, relationship, home decor, and much more.

Skin Research Institute mentions that the extraordinary capabilities of Rejuvelix can be attributed to its high-quality ingredients that include Gatuline In-Tense, Trylagen, and Glucare S. Many clinical studies have established the fact that Gatuline In-Tense reduces wrinkles and sagging. Trylagen improves the skin’s production and organization of collagen, resisting wrinkle formation. Glucare S supports aging and damaged skin by helping the skin repairing process.

Becoming the number one anti aging and wrinkle reducing cream of the year was not an easy journey for Rejuvelix. The Woman’s Answers magazine selected them after thoroughly reviewing as many as thirty-two most prominent anti aging creams on the market. Woman’s Answers mentions that all these products were thoroughly reviewed on the basis of the following parameters.

  • Ability to reduce wrinkles
  • Ability to reduce dark spots and blotches on the skin
  • Ability to tighten loose skin
  • Overall product reviews by customers
  • The company’s refund policy and speed of shipping

To learn more about the best anti aging and wrinkle reducing cream of 2016, please visit Rejuvelix Official Website. 

About Rejuvelix: Rejuvelix is an anti-aging product from Skin Research Institute that has been manufactured utilizing the findings of the latest research. This product has already helped many users look younger by eliminating the common symptoms of aging.

Disclaimer: The content in this press release is for information purposes only and should not be considered a substitute for medical advice. As always, you should consult with a qualified healthcare professional before starting or stopping any medication, cosmetics or nutritional supplement.

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