1st Art Gallery Announces Availability of “Aged & Cracked” Oil Paintings

NEW YORK, NY – 10/19/2016 (PRESS RELEASE JET) — 1st Art Gallery is announcing the availability of new “Aged & Cracked” fine art reproductions. Highly regarded for the detail-oriented approach employed by its talented artists, the newly available Craquelure process involves the use of vintage canvas as well as special oils.

Renowned for its unique ability to reproduce oil paintings completely indistinguishable from the original work of art, 1st Art Gallery is now announcing the availability of a new service that will add an even greater air of authenticity to each reproduced painting. Incorporating the new “Aged & Cracked” service along with its already extensive fine art reproduction capabilities, the company has further ensured its status as the foremost provider of museum-quality reproductions for fine art connoisseurs regardless of the subject, movement, or time period.

Through the use of vintage canvas, specially selected oils, and a highly technical approach employed by exceptionally talented and experienced reproduction artists, the “Aged & Cracked” process contributes to such a genuine and authentic appearance that countless museums and galleries have commissioned oil paintings from the fine art reproduction company to serve as temporary replacements while the originals are out on loan or in the process of being repaired or restored.

For collectors seeking a reproduction of a true masterpiece, the utilization of the “Aged & Cracked” process ensures that every last detail is thoughtfully considered in order to yield a museum-level quality work of art.

The Craquelure effect generated by this unique process is available to customers on an immediate basis, with the company indicating that its clients can request the inclusion of the “Aged & Cracked” process on any work of art provided it features a smooth surface texture. Since this may exclude oil paintings in which the artist favored a built-up approach in the application of the oils, the fine art reproduction company has requested that clients inquire regarding the availability of the “Aged & Cracked” style in the “additional comments” section of the order form.

About 1st Art Gallery

1st Art Gallery specializes in custom, hand-painted fine art reproductions covering all movements, subjects, and eras. Relying on talented and detail-oriented artists, each and every one of the company’s fine art reproductions involve a painstaking and handmade approach featuring only the highest quality oil paints and canvases.

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