Animal Expert Explains the Benefits That a Water Fountain for Cats Provides

The water fountain for cats allows cats to drink the correct amount of clean, healthy water.

A new blog has been launched to help cat owners understand the benefits that a Water Fountain for Cats provides. was launched to promote the many reasons why each cat owner should look at purchasing a good quality pet water fountain.

Although there are around 96 million cats in the United States, with approximately 37 percent of households having a cat, a lot of cat owners are unaware of the importance of drinking sufficient amounts of fresh water by their cats in order to preserve their health and longevity.

The new blog is promoting the importance of drinking water and showing the benefits of a pet drinking fountain in regards to the cat’s health. Besides the popular Drinkwell Pet Fountain other brands and types are being reviewed as well.

A spokesman for the new blog said: “A lot of cat owners do not understand that when a cat eats dry food, providing a sufficient amount of fresh drinking water to the cat is crucial. Pet fountains can help improve the cat’s health.”

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