Charitable Group Eyes On Refugees is an Important Safety Net for Refugee Children

The Sangatte Refugee Camp in Calais, France, commonly referred to as the “Jungle” by local residents, has housed as many as 10,000 refugees—including a thousand children—from North Africa and the Middle East.  Adults and children have lived there for years in squalor, but things could become much more dire in the near future.  France announced in September of 2016 that it would be closing the camp and sending refugees on to other relocation centres in France and the United Kingdom.

In December 2015, Jennifer Siverstone, a nurse from Carlisle, MA journeyed to Calais to bring medicine, blankets, and clothing to these needy refugees. After witnessing the enormous hardships that these helpless families endure, Jennifer established the nonprofit organization Eyes On Refugees. Eyes On Refugees not only provides essentials like tents, footwear, warm clothes, blankets and duffel bags for the refugee children, but it also provides GPS enabled cellphones to unaccompanied children so that their progress is monitored. Without this important service hundreds or, even, thousands of children could be lost.

Eyes On Refugees is now asking for your help in protecting the most vulnerable of these dislocated people.  With your financial assistance, more refugee children can find a safe home with caring families and communities.  You can make tax deductible donations to Eyes On Refugees through their GoFundMe campaign at  

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