Consumster Magazine Rewards Cellular Research Institute’s Slimming Leaf Tea Detox as the Number One Slimming Tea of 2016

Slimming Leaf Tea Detox from Cellular Research Institute has recently earned the distinction of becoming the number one teatox and slimming tea for the year 2016. The product has been awarded by the popular online magazine after reviewing seventeen different brands on the basis of customer experience and the ingredients of the products.

Cellular Research Institute proudly announces that their emerging product Slimming Leaf teatox has been chosen by as the number one slimming and detox-tea for the year 2016. Slimming Leaf was selected as the recipient of the first prize after a thorough review of seventeen different products. In this review process, the products were evaluated on the basis of their ingredients and customer feedback. is a widely followed online magazine that offers unbiased reviews of different popular products. This website is also prominent amongst the consumers as a platform for making comments and exchanging ideas related to different products.   

The Slimming Leaf tea program from Cellular Research Institute comprises of a morning weight loss tea and an evening detox tea. The former one boosts metabolism, suppresses hunger, increases energy, and improves mental awareness. On the other hand, the evening detox tea optimizes digestion, helps flush out the digestive track, supports the immune system, and ensures a good night’s sleep.

The ingredients of Slimming Leaf Morning Teatox include Wuyi Oolong, Pu-erh, Dandelion root, Ginseng (Eleuthero) root, Marshmallow root, Cinnamon, and Fennel seeds. The Evening Teatox also contains high quality ingredients such as Licorice, Cinnamon, Ginger, Dandelion root, Fennel seeds, Star Anise, Coriander, Cardamom, and Sage. 

Slimming Leaf Tea Detox is a safe product without any side reactions, and delivers the best results in combination with healthy eating and exercise. Cellular Research Institute offers a 90 day satisfaction guarantee to all buyers of this research backed product. 

Many users of Slimming Leaf Tea Detox have received excellent results using this product. A highly impressed user mentions in her review, “I’m a personal trainer. I rolled my eyes when I first heard about #SlimmingLeaf. I was surprised to find that they really did their homework when they made Slimming Leaf! I recommend it to some of my clients who have aggressive weight loss goals.”

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About Slimming Leaf: Slimming Leaf is a Tea Detox (“Teatox”) program developed by Cellular Research Institute. It is based on the most recently released cellular research that suggests some ancient medicinal herbs can optimize digestive and immune health, reduce inflammation, and get the users energized and feeling good. Each ingredient in Slimming Leaf was carefully selected based on the latest cellular research. There are no unnecessary additives—each ingredient serves a specific health purpose. Slimming Leaf is scientifically designed to empower users to reach their weight loss goals, and to give their slimming journey a healthy kick-start.




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