Parents and Teens Turn to Online Experts, Generating Winners, to Beat Stress and Achieve Success

Charlotte, North Carolina (October 19, 2016) – Teens today face a myriad of obstacles as well as confusing messages, and so do their parents. High school and college days, often painted with rosy colors, can also turn out to be full of stress, trauma and pain. Helping parents and teens make the best of teen years and lay the foundation of future success is the new online resource, Generating Winners. brings together an amazing group of professionals from fields as diverse as fitness, education, psychotherapy, sports, leadership and management. Its mission is to help and support parents and teens tackle some of the most pressing issues related to college prep, grades, academic pressure, and physical and emotional health. Co-founded by Matt Moran and Colleen Bader, the team of professionals at Generating Winners is here to ensure that teens grow into happy, healthy adults who are resilient, ambitious and responsible.

High school and college students require mentors and guidance from experts who have traveled on the road to success. Whether it is decision making, finance, admissions, SAT or personal issues, there are any number of stressors that bog teens down. They also need to acquire hard and soft skills that are sorely lacking in today’s youth. Generating Winners offers its highly experienced and qualified team of experts who deliver quick insights on how to prepare for upcoming challenges and come out as winners. Among others things, they offer solutions for emotional crises, improving grades, social media, managing money, health and fitness and all other teen issues.

Generating Winners is especially meant for parents, coaches and mentors who want to start early and give their kids every known advantage so that they stand among the winners. Members receive direct access to experts, interactive calendars for middle and high school, success strategies to use, discounts and other resources to manage their child’s growth.  

“Today’s growing kids are faced with an uphill task of reaching out for success while battling a host of issues, such as low grades, drugs, lack of skills, poor health and emotional balance. The Generating Success team comprises parents and professionals drawn from different walks of life, who can be approached to answer any parenting question to help kids go on to become the real winners that they are,”said Matt Moran, Co-founder, Generating Winners.

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