Introducing Failforthr: An Online Community Dedicated To All the Failed Experiences People Have Had In Their Lives

October 19, 2016, Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh, India- At one point or another, everyone has experienced failure in life. There’s no doubt that success brings its own rewards, but to become successful most of the individuals have gone through failures. Through those failures they learned some most invaluable lessons that helped them to shape their life for better. However, the irony is that most of the individuals associate failure with defeat. Failure can be quite useful, but only if one is willing to learn from it. Failforthr is a unique online community where people from every walk of life share the fails they have experienced, the mistakes they have committed and how they overcame their failures to become stronger, and more successful.

According to company’s spokesperson M Raju: “Failforthr is dedicated to the fails that people have experienced in their lives. This database will have all your stories of your bungles, bloopers, flops, and fails. This is not meant to ridicule you or your fail stories, but to help you avoid repeating them and focus on learning from your mistakes and becoming a better person. Your stories will also help others learn the outcomes of making certain mistakes. Share your fail stories with and let us know how you overcame them to become stronger, more successful people so we can share with everyone else that the world doesn’t stop spinning because of one mistake.”

Ever since the launch of Failforthr, literally hundreds of people from around the world have shared their stories and lessons learned from the mistakes they committed. It is a thriving community where people can easily sign up and upload their stories for everyone to read. Moreover, one can make friends, comment on stories, and follow other individuals in this platform.

Before we created, we used to share our problems, issues, and blunders with our close family and friends. We are a close-knit circle, so our stories remained within us. But, no matter who we are or how successful we become, we are always susceptible to failure. We realized that everybody fails, one time or another. And the important thing is to learn from our mistakes and make sure we strive towards success instead of wallowing in our failures. We want to spread that message, make people understand that it’s okay to fail once in a while. We want our users to realize that there are more people out there who have been through similar situations and learn how they overcame them. We want to help people accept failure as a part of their lives and overcome them with ease.” Further commented M Raju.

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About Failforthr

Failforthr is a global community that is guiding people to look at their failures as beacons of light and use them as strength to carry on. It contains stories of real life events from people that can help others to accept failure as a part of their lives and overcome them with ease.

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