Cool Wallets and Magnificent Savings – Discounts Now Available on Unique Wallet Design

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Cool money clips can be purchased at a discount from wherever you live. Use the Internet and find a simple wallet design called the Naked Wallet, named for its sleek simplicity. Right now, they are already preparing for a 10% discount on all featured wallets. The design is not a traditional one. It is more like a strong money clip, yet with style and flair. An extensive variety of colors and styles are offered, so you can find one for you and a few for gifts while this discount lasts.

Right now you can get a 10% discount on these unique money clip design. The advantages of this style of wallet include:

  • Slim design which is less bulky like a traditional wallet
  • Secure binding for cash and cards
  • Easy carrying in any type of pocket
  • Classy and simple design
  • It is useful for men and for women

In fact, customers have reported a variety of benefits and general pleasure with the design of the Naked Wallet because it is practical and attractive. One customer described the Naked Wallet ( with some initial skepticism, but then stated “I was skeptical of using the Naked Wallet at first because I didn’t think putting all my cards in a bundle would be of much help. The moment I started using it, I realized that having everything in a bundle was probably the most convenient and obvious solution. Now I can easily switch purses and know whether or not I have all the cards I need, and I can easily carry my stuff during nights out.” This clearly describes the practicality and function of this thin leather wallet.

Now available on sale, this is the time to use the code on the website to get this discount and start off with a sleek and convenient design as:

  • A white wallet
  • A red wallet
  • A pink wallet
  • A Havana brown wallet
  • A black wallet
  • Many different styles

One satisfied and happy customer stated, “I love my Naked Wallet because it is super easy and convenient to use. I can just slip it in my pocket, don’t have to carry a purse, and I have everything ready and accessible that I need.” This person is able to avoid carrying an easily stolen purse because of this wallet. There is enhanced security with a slim and functional design. The color diversity allows for fashionable accessory matching.

This is the wallet you need for security and convenience. Especially if you wear tighter clothing, the design allow for reduced appearance unlike a bulky wallet. This can lessen the chances of pick pocket theft significantly because you can stash it anywhere as it keeps everything together.

The very basic design of the Naked Wallet is ideal because it is both basic and attractive. More importantly, it will bind all of your valuable financial payment methods together effectively so you cannot lose them and they do not slip out as you choose the order of organization. This gives you a practical and now discounted design for you and your loved ones.

Naked Wallet at is committed to producing quality, durable money clip wallets at reasonable prices and right now, the discount is conveniently available. Try this money clip instead of a bulky wallet and feel the advantages.

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