Dogfight Elite U.S. Presidential Election Special: Trump vs Clinton

Dogfight Elite, the multiplayer flight simulator based on World War II, has released a special U.S. presidential election edition that lets players battle as Donald Trump against Hillary Clinton. Let the hair fly!

Seeing game forums were flooded with comments and discussions about the election, Joaquin Grech, the real-time game’s creator, thought it would be fun to let players get a taste of the conflict by bringing it into his popular game.

Only 12 hours after the change, supporters of both nominees have battled more than 500 times. . At this moment, Donald Trump’s squadron has won 53% of the games. The game’s players and developers are sweating bullets at the edge of their seats over the crucial question of whether the outcome will correlate with the results of the game. Nevertheless, Mr. Grech says it is too early to say and that we should wait till the weekend, which is when most players connect, to have more combat data.

As for the players, they’ve loving the change that allows them to take their fight beyond the forums and into the game. They can finally punish their “enemy” in real-time rather than simply running their mouths in forums. Just aim and done.

Of course, not every player was amused by the change. The developer got a few complaints of those who were playing to forget about the daily bombardment of election news. They didn’t appreciate the nominees appearance in the game.

In any case, most players love it . The special edition will be available for a limited time–until November 8. Once the results are in, players can return to fighting happily as Allied vs Central Powers.


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