ARID Launches The Power Drop Automated Kiosk

October 21, 2016 Corona, CA.  Automated Retail Income Development (ARID) a leader in manufacturing and integration of innovative vending machines has launched the Power Drop automated kiosk.  The 3¼ Ft. wall-mounted machine holds a one-time use disposable Smartphone charger.  The unique product is something exclusively distributed and sold by ARID & Power Drop.   The users simply choose whether they want an iPhone charger or Android charger, then unwrap the aluminum sealed packaging and insert the charger into the phone.  In approx. 50 minutes the phone is completely charged.   The Power Drop Charger will be priced at $4.99. 


The machine itself, known as the Power Drop Shop is a marvel as well.  This 70-pound kiosk can fit up to 200 chargers at once.  It can also boot a 13.3” HD screen above, that lends a hand to digital advertising as well as promotion.  “The Power Drop has a small footprint which gives it a giant advantage.  This kiosk can be installed everywhere and we intend to do so” Said Joe Menichiello, President, and Founder of ARID.  One of the biggest anxieties experienced by individuals from the ages of 18-55 is a dead battery.  The Power Drop helps solve the fear of being “disconnected”.

The Power Drop locations department is engaged with several top mall companies as well as transportations hubs.  They also have connected with a number of stadiums and convention centers throughout the country.  “Once we identified a need, we had to develop a plan on how to make it available to everyone” Said Mr. Menichiello.  After over a year of development, ARID is proud to introduce this amazing product to entrepreneurs in North America.  ARID is using the same model as their award winning intazzaÔ Café in which they constructed a program where entrepreneurs can purchase the machine, secure a solid location, and receive ongoing support.

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