Jay Elle’s new single “Twelve on Sunday” takes inspiration from the father-daughter relationship

“Twelve on Sunday”  is the new song written and performed by Jay Elle which sheds some light on the relationship between a father and his daughter. The song, performed by the singer himself while just playing guitar and no other instrument, describes how a single father reacts to his 12-year-old daughter who is throwing a tantrum and leaving the house. It shows the feelings of a father who is raising his daughter as a single dad.

The simple yet heart-warming lyrics, describe how the father asks ‘where is she going?’ and ‘she’s much too young to be out there on her own’ and that it feels like a nightmare to him. He tells his daughter that she reminds him of her mother as he takes a walk down memory lane. Jay Elle has kept the song simple yet appealing with his nylon string Ovation guitar that brings the classical sound to the mix. This keeps all the focus on the raw emotions depicted in the song.

Jay Elle and his team have put all their focus on capturing the true emotions in the vocals which they have managed to achieve. He has surely explored out of the mainstream genre as a single artist by describing a relatable, emotional and realistic father-daughter relationship through his song. Jay Elle takes his inspiration from “She’s got a way” by Billy Joel who also performs his song with only a piano. The song is catching up great popularity and already playing on over 100 radio stations.

“I wanted to provide an alternative to the overproduced pop songs and present to the audience something different, which would appeal to them emotionally and touch their heart. “Twelve on Sunday” is an attempt to depict a practical aspect of life and the emotional relationship between a father and a daughter through a heartwarming song”, says Jay Elle, singer, composer, and guitarist.

His unique voice and melodious singing add to the charm of the song, which takes the listener into a true musical experience. Though classical guitars are used rarely in pop songs yet Jay Elle is not afraid to break the conventions and bring in an innovative touch to his songs.

About Jay Elle- Jay Elle is a male vocalist, songwriter and guitarist based in New York City who has gained popularity for his new single “Twelve on Sunday”. He writes songs in urban folk, adult contemporary genres with his unique acoustic guitar arrangements. He makes sure to fit the sound of the guitar with the emotions of the song to make the song expressive and beautiful.

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