Media Contacts List Reveals Why You Should Purchase a Media Database

Purchase Media DatabaseMedia Contacts List provides a fast, affordable way for businesses to create contact lists for publicity and promotion. For prices ranging from $25 to $800, users can select a list based on their state, industry, type, or desired coverage and download it in CSV format. Then it can be imported to Excel or Google Sheets.

A media database is an invaluable PR tool. Small business owners, entrepreneurs, companies, and organizations all need to publicize their events and products regularly in order to gain and keep clients.

But building a media database is a big project. It can take months to collect all the email addresses, LinkedIn profiles, and phone numbers that are needed for a solid and up-to-date media database and put them into one place where they can be easily accessed via email and social media.

It is possible to save time by finding a free media database online. However, these are not very substantial and tend to be outdated, and thus not a reliable resource for public relations efforts.

A good media contact database provides accurate, up-to-date contact information, including phone numbers, email addresses and social media handles.

Media Contacts Lists offers a such a media contact database at a price that most businesses will find very affordable.

Once a media contact database has been purchased, buyers can keep and reuse it as many times as needed. Besides downloading it in spreadsheet form, users can also import it to Outlook, MailChimp, or a variety of other popular email services.

According to one digital manager and satisfied customer: “Not only does Media Contacts List work, but it is also worth the investment. The lists are up to date, accurate and not only do they have email addresses but some of the records even has social media handles, which is very helpful in outreach. I highly recommend Media Contacts List to anybody looking to reach out to press and media.”

The purchase of a media contact database is a great public relations investment.

For more information or to purchase a media database, please visit Media Contacts List.

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