Candidate Martha Flores-Gibson District 70th of the California State Assembly Pledges for Public Safety

Known to the residents of Long Beach as an educator, public resident and gifted businesswoman, Candidate Martha Flores-Gibson district 70th has always been a woman of tough words. In her recent press meeting, she talked in length about her concerns for public safety and the essential elements that make her campaign a real gift for the residents.

Martha Flores-Gibson has been a lifelong resident of Long Beach, and her commitment to community development is something that she has been very vocal about. Whenever she invites the press for varied kinds of interactions and meetings, she upholds the sentiment and assures the residents of a great way to constructive change. This time, her press meet was about public safety, and she accompanied by her husband Steve talked of various elements that remain to close to her.

Martha Flores-Gibsonstarted the meet by talking of her own life at Long Beach and how she has spent her whole life learning, understanding and working for the very community. She added that her years of growing up in the region have given her immense insight in knowing the aspects that needs improvement. She added that being a wife and mother and having raised a family in the district, she knows the possible concerns that residents have for public safety.

On being asked about her campaign, she was firm in adding that she isn’t here for any kind of motive, other than public interest. She assured the residents that all aspects of life in Long Beach, San Pedro, Signal Hill, and Catalina the envy of Southern California will be taken care of, but she wants to work extensively for public safety.  She also talked at length about her 30 years of educational experience, which has given enormous ideas about the local problems. She added that public safety shouldn’t be a problem for regions as developed as Long Beach and surrounding areas, and she wants to make a change that would be visible to one and all.

She also answered a lot of press questions, which included talking of efforts to encourage ongoing resident/business involvement & participation and find ways to success in all fields. She also pledged for the local development concerns, adding that she has plans to change things both in short and long run. As always, her focus was continually on ‘quality of life’, which she believed could be way better for the residents.

She also insisted the press to come up with more questions for next meetings, so that her answers and extreme efforts can reach the people and residents, adding that support is essential for ‘change’.

About Martha Flores-Gibson

Martha Flores-Gibson is a known and accomplished businesswoman, educator, public servant of Long Beach, with more than 30 years of experience as an educational leader. She has been working on her campaign since a long time, focusing on the needs of community development and public safety. She is also one of the few to talk to the press and media on a regular basis, especially taking tough questions related to the overall view of her work and campaign agendas.

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