MOFLON Next-Generation Slip Ring Technology Bring the Power of Wireless to End Users

MOFLON, a slip rings manufacturing firm that has a decade-long industry presence, recently launched wireless power slip rings.

MOFLON, a slip ring industry solution provider from Shenzhen, China, recently launched powerful wireless slip rings, which are powered by Mfolong’s next-gen wireless technology. The highly efficient wireless power slip ring has the capability to supply power to highly mobile and rotating industry-grade equipment. The owners of MOFLON said that the wireless slip ring is a feasible alternative to mechanical slip ring.

MOFLON rotary joints and slip rings have been in use in commercial, industrial and military applications for over ten years now. Typically, the slip rings that the company manufactures are used in robotics, camera systems, packaging machines, medical equipment and several different types of automation systems. The company now offers different mounting options, including end-of-shaft mounting, over-the-shaft mounting and inside-the-shaft mounting. MOFLON slip ring products are manufactured and tested at its manufacturing and testing facility in Shenzhen. The owners expressed hope that the launch of the wireless slip rings would boost their revenue growth.

“The wireless slip ring is a perfect solution for any commercial, industrial or military application manufacturing firm if they want to avoid mechanical slip rings. It is true that mechanical slip rings and rotary joints have their limitations since these rings have relatively high maintenance costs. Therefore, wireless slip rings can become instrumental in industries that require transferring of high-value data and power over rotating joints. Our engineered solutions can replace the traditional mechanical slip rings with the wireless slip rings”, said a senior engineer from MOFLON, which is the trading name for MOFLON Technology Co, Limited.

“A wireless slip ring can offer 360 degree continuous advantage, which is of course its biggest advantage. Also, unlimited RPM is another great advantage of a wireless slip ring. Cooling and lubrication are unnecessary and this reduces the downtime. Also, the reduced cost of ownership translates into significant cost benefits for the manufacturers. The slip rings can be retrofitted by our engineers”, explained the senior engineer while talking at a trade fair where the MOFLON slip ring wireless was first launched and displayed for investors and general enquirers.

About the Company

MOFLON Technology Co, Limited is a Shenzhen, China, based slip ring manufacturing company that also offers on-site technical support.  

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