Card Armor® RFID Blocking Sleeves Flying off the Shelves

LOS ANGELES, CA – 10/21/2016 (PRESS RELEASE JET) — Anybody aiming to enhance their personal security will be interested to learn that Card Armor has reduced the retail price of their high-end Blocking Sleeves. This special discount offer celebrates the arrival of new, improved stock on Already processing a record number of orders, Card Armor is now offering these sleeves for a new low cost. Designed to block unauthorized radio frequency identification (RFID) access, these sleeves will minimize the risk of identity thief and financial loss.

In a recent interview with CEO and founder of Card Armor, Alex King, explained the importance of RFID Blocking Sleeves for modern consumers: “The holiday season is almost here and this is often associated with a big spike in criminal activity, especially linked to credit card fraud. People are busy preparing for the holiday season and are usually accessing their credit/debit cards frequently. This makes us vulnerable to criminals with unauthorized scanners. Our RFID Blocking Sleeves will prevent unauthorized activity and give you peace of mind.”

The RFID Blocking Sleeves sold by Card Armor are different to other designs on the markey. They are patent-pending and have clear cover for easy card identification and a black back to protect personal data.  Unlike other RFID sleeves, this design has a sturdy construction and is slim-lined, durable and lightweight.

One customer had this to say, “I received my Card Armor sleeves and am very pleased. They are well made and I expect them to hold up well to use and wear. The clear front is a huge plus. I carry a number of cards and this way I don’t have to stop and search to find the right card. I’m concerned about protecting my privacy and these sleeves help give some peace of mind. They are everything I’d hoped for when I ordered them. My sister is doing some traveling and I plan on getting her a set as well.”

Currently the Blocking Sleeves from Card Armor are sold in packs of six.. More information about the product and Card Armor can be found on the company’s retail page. Delivery is available nationwide.

About Card Armor
Makers of a new clear front RFID Protector Sleeve designed to prevent identity theft due to unauthorized scans. The card fits in any standard sized wallet or purse. Patent Pending.

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