Furnishr Hires 20-Year-Old College Student Marketer Who’s Earned his Clients $175,000 in the Last 3 Months

NEW YORK, NY – 10/21/2016 (PRESS RELEASE JET) — Furnishr, a startup disrupting the home furnishing industry, hires a 20-year-old marketing maven, Daniel Wallock, to help them scale. Daniel, a full-time Sarah Lawrence student has in just a year worked with over twenty-five brands including BMW, The American Heart Association, the University of California Santa Barbara, and Girl’s Inc. In the last three months alone, Daniel has increased his small business clients’ revenues by over $175,000. Furnishr hired Daniel to systematize their customer acquisition process and help them scale.

Furnishr was founded in May 2015 in Toronto, Canada by Michael Van and Karen Lau and recently set up an office in New York City. Furnishr is a turnkey furnishing platform with beautifully furnished room designs to be delivered and assembled in a single day. All you need to do is to purchase a room design, and all the furniture and decor items will be delivered and assembled in your room all at once. Each room takes about ninety minutes to set up. Furnishr offers services to all of North America in five to twenty business days.

Furnishr is a Techstars Next alumni and a XRC Labs alumni. They have installed over 100 rooms across North America. Furnishr’s key mission is to save customers time from doing mundane tasks such as furnishing their homes. Some of their clients include OneFineStay and Vankleef. Since furnishing is only one small part of life, Furnishr has also partnered with other like-minded companies such as Compass and AptDeco to make the home-making experience as easy as possible.

Michael and Karen met Daniel this past summer while he was working with Perseus Mirrors. After Daniel successfully helped Perseus Mirrors raise $100,363 on their Kickstarter launch campaign, he began consulting for Furnishr. Furnishr hired Daniel on October 17, 2016 to direct strategic marketing.

Furnishr Testimonial

“My new home was actually ‘move-in ready’ when I moved in! It’s amazing – I didn’t need to do anything.” – Amy, a new New Yorker

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Furnishr – Room in a box. An end to end turnkey home furnishing solution.

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