Wemlife’s new-age IWEM™ technology redefines mineral water production

Malaysia-based Wemlife Sdn Bhd has recently launched its revolutionary premium natural mineral water Enir™ which is going to redefine the current mineral water production given its treatment by breakthrough IWEM™ technology that preserves the natural richness of water in its purest form.

Perai, Malaysia, October 21, 2016: Bottled water seems to be the order of the day yet unbeknownst to many; water loses out on its natural energy during the regular purification process. But not anymore- Malaysia-based Wemlife Sdn Bhd has launched its futuristic premium natural mineral water Enir™ which is here to redefine the current mineral water production. Sourced right from the Malaysian Rainforest, Enir™ water has been treated with revolutionary proprietary IWEM™ technology which preserves natural energy of water which it accumulates from its source.


Enir™ water is currently launched for Malaysian market and will be launched soon for Dubai/UAE market.

“Wemlife is here to revolutionize our contemporary drinking water scene through a positive and sustainable change. Our whole team is deeply committed to our Mother Earth and an eco-friendly business has been our principal aim here”, stated Manimaran Parasuraman, a lean manufacturing expert, one of the co-founders of Wemlife and the man behind the edgy IWEM™ technology.

Added to Parasuraman, the other two founding members of Wemlife are seasoned trader Krishnakumar P.V and Biotechnology expert Surej Aloysius. While Krishnakumar is a MBA from IIM, Aloysius is a specialist in translational research in natural biological.



The acronym for Intelligent Water Memory, IWEM™ is a breakthrough technology based on years of extensive translational research by Wemlife founding members.

“Water tends to accumulate natural richness from minerals, light and plants, as it flows on its natural course. But it is bound to lose out on this natural energy once it gets removed from the natural course & gets distributed over a definite limit. This loss of the desired natural energy is actually unavoidable when the water is passed through regular purification process & bottling machinery. The whole process rips the water of its natural refreshing properties and we term it as ‘negative water memory’. But our advanced IWEM™ technology follows a game-changing non-invasive approach which prevents the loss of richness in water sans interfering with any process”, explained Surej Aloysius.

He promised natural cool water with all the natural goodness preserved in the most pristine form. The end result is revolutionary bottled water with perfectly preserved health potential that can effectively replenish the mind and body of the user.

The rainforest in Malaysia is defined by a rich ecosystem packed with thousands of trees, medicinal plants & mineral sources. As rain water gushes through the mountainous areas, it starts to accumulate mineral deposits and herbal roots as well as immense health potential- that the rainforest water is famous for.

“Our water source has been meticulously selected based on long research & survey across the rainforests here. It was our primary aim to identify very robust water memory which can render exclusive fresh energy to our consumers, accompanied by a grand feel & taste that can surpass the global brands in the market- and yes, we have succeeded with Enir™.” Stated Krishnakumar P.V.

To learn more about Enir or Wemlife, please visit www.wemlife.com.

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