ChalkTastic Chalk Marker Pen Set Approaches Nineteen Hundred Reviews in Amazon

ChalkTastic’s flagship product Chalk Marker Pen Set is on the verge of going past the milestone of nineteen hundred Amazon reviews. The product comprises of an assortment of eight vibrantly colored chalk markers.

21st October, 2016 – Chalk Marker Pen, a top rated product from ChalkTastic, is just short of accomplishing yet another crucial milestone. These chalk pens are currently just a few steps away from touching the milestone of nineteen hundred Amazon reviews. ChalkTastic specializes in manufacturing high-quality accessories made from chalk, and their chalk pen set contains eight differently colored markers. Over a lifespan of just more than a year, this accessory has emerged as a favorite amongst the Amazon shoppers. This product is currently selling successfully at for just $13.97.

The chalk markers from ChalkTastic are packed with a high-quality chalk ink that offers a mind blowing range of colors. These markers have a relatively higher durability compared to other similar products because of their high ink capacity. This liquid ink is suitable for the kids because it is non-toxic, odorless, and dust-free. These markers have been used by many users to write on different non-porous surfaces including menu boards, bistro boards, mirrors, car windows, writing boards, ceramic mugs, food containers, etc. Many teachers consider these markers to be suitable as an efficient teaching supply. These markers are easy to cleanup with just a piece of dry or damp cloth.

A delighted buyer mentions in his Amazon review, “My kids love these! We started a chalk board chore and reward chart recently and we kept track of everything in white chalk. These color choices make it fun for them to write on the chalk board and keep track of chores. The colors are bright and easy to see. On rainy days I sometimes let them color on the sliding glass door with these. It’s extremely easy to clean off and keeps them busy for hours!”

Another impressed user mentions, “I just love these markers!!! I’ve got a little chalkboard that I enjoy writing messages on periodically. I’ve been using a different brand marker up until now. I’m really impressed with the thick, solid lines that these markers produce. You can even add dots to the board simply by touching down (that wouldn’t work with the other brand). These seem sturdier, less like they’re going to fall apart while you’re using them than the other (honestly, more expensive) brand. The colors dry well, but can be removed from the board by wiping off with a wet towel.” 

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