Dennis G. Shaver announces the release of his newest book, The Entrepreneurial Incubator

As a seasoned and highly experienced product development entrepreneur, coach and speaker, – Dennis G. Shaver announces the release of the much-awaited book The Entrepreneurial Incubator: Secrets to Getting Your Invention from “Mind to Market”.  It is now available on Amazon.

“I have met thousands of people during my 25-year career, and believe me, people have it in them – they have the ideas, they are creative thinkers with plenty of potential. With the increasing unemployment rates around the world, people are now taking more and more interests in entrepreneurship – not only for their own personal benefits but for helping others as well by creating more job opportunities.

Shaver knows that the most effective incubator for success starts with a positive and tenacious mindset, and access to the most effective knowledge. In his book, Dennis exposes what it really takes to succeed that most aspiring entrepreneurs either don’t know or won’t share. It’s time that you are in the KNOW: knowledge is power!

The Entrepreneurial Incubator helps guide aspiring entrepreneurs to empower their potential in propelling to the correct mindset for growing, learning, practicing, aligning and succeeding in getting their idea from Mind to Market

Dennis G. Shaver has witnessed hundreds of broke and frustrated product inventors holding expensive patents, and countless garages stuffed with prematurely manufactured products.

According to Dennis, the main reason behind writing this book is to share the behind-the-scene secrets, the tools, and the steps in a proper systematic format – in order to help people in taking their idea forward efficiently, to help them realize the potential of their new idea, and most importantly – to help them get their idea in the market & making it successful.

“Leaving your fears behind and reaching for your dreams can be challenging – I agree, but I wholly and solely believe in this mindset: ‘if it is to be, it begins with me’.  So choose to evolve beyond your fears by aligning yourself with the right resources to take the most effective action. If you don’t, chances are you’ll always be where you’ve always been.

You deserve to be in the KNOW: knowledge is power! And my book will help empower you with the most effective resources to realize your entrepreneurial potential in getting your amazing idea from Mind to Market”, stated Dennis G. Shaver, while talking about The Entrepreneurial Incubator.

If you ever dreamed of creating a product with your ingenious idea, share your gifts with the world and make a positive difference in people’s lives, you will love Dennis G. Shaver’s book! At its core, the book offers the only step-by-step roadmap to reach ultimate Inventorpreneur success.

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About: Dennis G. Shaver is an American product development entrepreneur, author, speaker and coach with over 25 years in product development, manufacturing, and service industries. Dennis is known for his ability to inspire and bring out the best in people, as well as his practical, common sense, and engaging style.

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