Saviorwallet – The first time it was used, it paid for itself

PathFile, a company created by two residents of Las Vegas, Nevada, is seeking $7,500 in pledges by Oct. 31 to market their new locking wallet concept, called the SaviorWallet. So far, 10 backers have pledged $864.

“The SaviorWallet was created to help people who have gambling or even shopping addictions,” said Steven Patho, a former Hungarian actor, and the man who conceived the idea for the wallet. “It was specially designed to function like a billfold, but give the owner the ability to lock the contents inside, if ever a gambling or shopping compulsion happens.”

Statistics indicate that 2.5 million adults are compulsive gamblers, and about three million would be considered “problem gamblers.” Patho stated the locking mechanism on his wallet design, makes it a little more difficult to get to their money in a moment of compulsion.

The Kickstarter pledge campaign offers seven levels of donations with rewards, ranging from $5 to $300. For a contribution of $27 or more, the giver will receive a Savior Wallet and other perks at higher donation levels.

The SaviorWallet is designed with a stainless steel case and locking mechanism. The leather billfold inside can hold money, cards and other items.

Patho and his partner Joe, both realize some people have a genuine problem with gambling away too much of their money. At the same time, Patho admits that marketing a locking wallet designed for the purpose of alleviating someone’s gambling compulsion is challenging, given their base location, Las Vegas.

“That might be the biggest challenge ever,” Patho stated. “Even though every casino in Nevada posts pamphlets about the problems of gambling: ‘When the Fun Stops.’ The SaviorWallet was designed for people with any kind of compulsion that could get locked away till better heads were collected – gambling, credit cards, drugs, etc. It’s your Savior.” Thus the product name.

PathFile’s motto is “the first time you use it, it has already paid for itself.”

Patho started out as a successful actor in Hungary, until the communist secret service forced him to leave the country. He came up with the idea for the locking wallet abou t11 years ago. He met his partner Joe at work. Joe promoted the idea, and found a company that would create a prototype.

“We want to share this reality with a wider audience,” Patho stated, “and since Kickstarter is a great resource of minds and ideas, we hope to start by winning your support and inviting more people to create meaningful change for those who have these compulsions.” 

For more information or to make a pledge go to the Kickstarter campaign page at

Kickstarter has been an online platform since 2009, designed to help people promote their creative ideas and raise start-up capital to market it.

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