DevOps expert launching community info app

David Delassus of Lille France is seeking €5,000 ($5,495 USD) in donations before Dec. 17, 2016 to fund the startup of his new CoNet application, designed to provide information about community activities. With 58 days left in his Kickstarter pledge drive, Lassus has collected $11 (USD) from 1 backer.

“My goal is to be fully independent and being able to develop open-source software that helps people,” Delassus stated. He’s had extensive experience in software development and operations (DevOps) with three years in administration and 10 years in development.”

CoNet is designed as a community information gathering application that can be easily accessed for anyone who wants to learn about activities that are going on in their home city or one they plan to travel to.

Users can sign up for CoNet through their social network provider, such as Facebook, Twitter, or Google+. From there they can access any available information like activity times, locations, contact information and more.

 “Associations, organizations, and people can register any kind of activity on CoNet, allowing you to know what you can do, or what you can sign up for.” Delassus stated. “Any information added on an activity will not be shown until it is accepted by one of its founders.”

Contributors can pledge any amount, but there are two levels of pledges with rewards. The lower level, €2, will allow the donor to be quoted as a contributor.

The higher pledge donor, €10, will be designated as a contributor and a tester before the official release in 2017. “You will be given an access to the mobile app before its release in order to give us feedback, allowing us to create the perfect app for this,” Delassus stated.

Delassus said, as with any new application venture, there are challenges.

“Developing the application requires time and hosting the servers for the app, that will store all the data (users and activities), will cost money,” Delassus stated. “That is one of the reason to follow the OpenData and OpenSource principles, allowing anyone to reuse my work. Following the principles of Open Data, every information about any activity will be accessible through an API, allowing people to create mirrors easily.”

Go to for more information or to make a pledge, or check out Delussus’ website at

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