Parking Entrepreneur Billy Lerner Announces His Charity Billy4Kids

Billy Lerner, best known as the magnet and CEO of parking business iPark in New York, recently founded his initiative for underprivileged children, known as Billy4Kids. As a part of the announcement, he had invited some of the local press people to his office for a ‘meet and greet’ event.

Billy Lerner, or William Lerner as he is known to the world, has been working on his family parking business, founded by his father. In the last two decades, he has worked for its expansion to over 100 garages in NYC, but one of his major passions has been about charity. As an active philanthropist, Billy has worked with many charitable institutions in recent times, but he made his own move when he recently founded his initiative Billy4Kids. To celebrate the same, he came together with the press.

Talking of Billy4Kids, Bill said that he wanted to ensure that kids have the essentials of life, and knowing that millions are denied the basic things, he started off with the initiative. He said that his non-profit organization will work with charities and in its own capacities to ensure that children in underdeveloped countries have shoes. He also added that hundreds of lives are lost each year owing to foot-borne diseases, simply because the little ones didn’t have shoes to protect their feet.

He also answered many questions of the press, adding that his friend and Co-Director of Billy4Kids, Alexson Roy, is one of the biggest inspirations behind the entire idea. He also assured that the team behind the initiative is working under Roy to understand the basic needs of third world nations. On being asked how he intends to reach the right areas, he assured that the team is also working with the ground level organizations and NGOs to ensure that the effort has the maximum impact.

Not all entrepreneurs are just after profit, and William Billy Lerner surely proves that to the world.

About Billy Lerner

Billy Lerner New York is a parking entrepreneur and the owner of iPark, which is the largest family owned garage system in metropolitan NY area. He is also an active member of many charities and has worked with many organizations for varied kinds of objectives related to creating a better world. Recently, he has also launched his own charity Billy4Kids, which is a non-profit organization that works for underprivileged children in Haiti and other underdeveloped countries. 

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