Tway Lifting Products Announces Special Offers In October

Indiana-based Tway Lifting Products, which is a rigging manufacturer and distributor of lifting equipment, recently announced custom discounts on many of their handling products. The management invited some of the local press to their office to discuss the different offers in a special ‘meet and greet’ event.

Tway Lifting Products has long been known their range of American lifting products and handling equipment, construction and mill supplies for decades now. Founded in the year 1945, the company has worked hard to offer their goods at great prices throughout the domestic market. Their recent press event at their office in Indianapolis was one of their several promotional processes to celebrate success and push sales.

To start the event, the marketing manager started by thanking their clients in construction, mining, automotive, utility infrastructure and steel production industries, following which he discussed the October offers. He added that customers can now get special offers on spreader bar rentals and other products on email. The offer, which will be available to both new and existing clients, will offer a custom discount for every order, and the code for the same will be emailed to the client.

The publicist added that this is a limited time offer and will be offered to a selected group of customers. However, he refused on the comment on the magnum of the discount, although insiders did mention that some customers may get massive offers, depending on the nature and size of order.  The team also added that they would be launching more promotional offers in days ahead, but for now, the October discounts are meant to be a steal deal for their customers. The management also handled some of the common press questions at the event.

On being asked about the kind of discounts that will be offered, the management said that they are going to follow a fair policy and would like to make offers that would help clients in returning to their service.

About Tway Lifting Products

Tway Lifting Products is a known manufacturer and dealer of lifting and handling equipment, including crosby shacklesandwire rope swings. The company was founded in 1945 by Joseph R. Tway and has a Heavy Rigging Rental Equipment division. They sell their products through online and offline dealers all parts of the country and often have special offers on their rentals and other servicing departments. Their main office is located at Oliver Ave. in Indianapolis.

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